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This garden room has distinctive glazing to maximise the view

Distinctive design garden room

Buyers looking to create a unique garden room, tailored to their specific needs and tastes with distinct design elements, are turning to Swift Garden Rooms

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Garden room with shower room layout

Garden room with shower room

Incorporating a shower room into a garden room building is a good step in future proofing the building. Opening up different future uses and helping it hold its value

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4.5m x 4.5m garden room

A vision of Spring!

Swift Garden Rooms share some examples of their designs which make full benefit of the wonderful season that Spring is. The great thing about Swift’s designs is that they are equally enjoyable spaces to spend time in, in Summer, Autumn & Winter too!

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Garden room with mini garage

Garden room with mini garage

Garden room designers love it when you approach them with a defined wishlist of how you want your garden room to function. The brief for this design was a large garden room, secret storage shed and a mini garage.

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Tailor-made garden office

Are you looking for a tailor-made garden office? Well, you need to talk to the team at Swift Garden Rooms who like nothing better than to implement their client’s wishlist of features into their contemporary designs.

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Garden room gym with a difference

We have featured lots of garden room gyms over the years, but this recent build by Swift Garden Rooms is a bit different. As bespoke designers, Swift Garden Rooms work closely with their customers to create a building that is tailored to them.

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Have you considered sun tubes for your garden room

Have you considered incorporating sun tubes into your garden room project? Many bespoke garden room suppliers offer them as a way of boosting natural light, in an area of the building that might otherwise be a little dark.

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Triangular Garden Room by Swift-4

Triangular garden room designed to slot in

Do you have an area of your garden that would be the perfect spot for a garden room, but it’s not square? Don’t be put off the idea; a bespoke garden room designer will happily create a design that will make use of every inch of the space available.

September 2, 2016 Continue Reading
Garden room for reading-3

A garden room for reading

People decide to build a garden room for so many different reasons. The owner of this recent Swift Garden Rooms build was looking for a space to relax, read and appreciate the view.

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Family room in the garden by Swift Garden Rooms

Family room in the garden

Do you have growing children who are craving some space of their own? Well, have you thought about creating a room in the garden for them / you?

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