Garden rooms being used as NHS therapy & sensory suites

As well as designing garden rooms for domestic uses, many garden room suppliers also create buildings for use by the wider public. Over the years we have featured builds that are being used at a Hospice as valuable therapy rooms or quiet space for patients. Contemporary Garden Rooms have recently completed two buildings based on their Apprentice design at a newly built NHS hospital for the elderly in Bedford.

The hospital focuses on the care of people with dermenture, and it was felt that garden room type buildings would make excellent therapy & sensory suites.


The two rooms were each designed with their specific use in mind, so are different sizes. One building is 4m x 3m, and the other is a larger 5m x 4m. The buildings were designed to meet all the necessary regulations for general building development and those required for NHS use. Clever decked verandas have been created to provide easy access to the rooms for patients on foot or in a wheelchair.


The buildings are highly insulated so will be comfortable spaces all year round. They are also finished in durable materials such as Western Red Cedar which will mean the buildings need little annual maintenance. Internally the rooms have fully plastered interiors creating light and airy spaces ready to be kitted out with equipment.

For more information about how Contemporary Garden Rooms can create rooms for specialist uses like this give them a call on 01952 825 630 or visit their website to see more examples of their work.

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