5 Minutes With Green Retreats

We spend 5 minutes with Green Retreats asking them questions about their extensive range of garden room designs:

What makes your company / garden rooms unique?

We stock a fantastic choice of garden rooms, whether you are looking for more storage, a home-office or adding some style to your outdoor space. We use a versatile and practical range of carefully selected materials, to achieve the highest quality and design at the best price.  We pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our garden rooms. We have an experienced team who manufacture all the components for our buildings in-house. Furthermore, our personal service and customer care are our biggest assets and are second to none.


What feature of your garden rooms are you most proud of?

We are extremely proud of our aesthetic appearance of our garden rooms. Our team consists of experts in construction who work symbiotically from the factory through to completion, to construct your perfect garden room. Our garden rooms consist of an innovative pile foundation and heavy duty galvanised base frame, which separates our building from the ground ensuring a condensation and damp free building.

When designing your garden rooms, which is more important form or function?

Here at Green Retreats we believe that the building must function. Its structure needs to be able to fulfil all the purposes that the customer requires. We design our garden rooms combining style and versatility. A good design will syndicate both form and function.


What scope do you have for incorporating the customers design ideas into your garden rooms?

Green Retreats are modular, but as long as the shape is square or rectangle any design modification is possible. We cater for individual specifications so customers are able to request what they like. Plot size, garden type and the anticipated use of the garden room are all characteristics, which are taken into consideration when compiling a customer specification. We take great care when offering advice to guarantee the expense of any development.

Many customers are concerned about planning permission, how can you help customers with this issue?

Garden rooms are considered to be permitted development and do not require planning permission, provided certain conditions are met. However, we are happy to give guidance throughout the process and will assist in the planning application process including CAD drawings if required.


Not every site is level, what options do you have for building your garden rooms on uneven ground?

Variable grounds are not a problem to us; our unique pile foundation systems can be installed on just about any uneven surface. The garden room sits on a fully galvanised steel frame, which is resistant to rust and separates the building from the ground. This prevents moisture rising through any natural materials, and provides airflow beneath the building.

Some customers are concerned about the ongoing maintenance of a garden room, what annual maintenance do your garden rooms require?

Green Retreats require no maintenance “Ever”. We offer a full 10-year guarantee, covering all aspects of the building from the date of installation. If anything should go wrong, we have a number of teams operating nationwide, available at short notice to fix any issues.

What aftercare do you offer your customers?

We want your new garden room to keep looking great over the years, and we are always available to offer advice over any aspect of its long-term appearance and durability. Here at Green Retreats, customer queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently and we pride ourselves in a commitment to outstanding customer service at every point.

Describe your company in three words!

Quality, Value, Integrity

Visit the Green Retreats website for more information on their garden rooms or give them a call on 0800 9998777


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