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A professional garden office

A well designed garden office can be a professional place to meet with clients, and a way to work from home whilst separating your work and home life.

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Fully fitted garden office

Make full use of your garden office space by kitting it out properly. Smart Garden Offices can design-in furniture to create both work and leisure areas.

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Self Build Garden Offices

Looking for information on self building a garden room or office? Well our experts are putting together an extensive self build guide which will walk you through the process.

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Earn an income with the Sleep Easy Pod

Booths Garden Studios have recently launched a new concept for their buildings – the Sleep Easy Pod aimed at pub landlords, B&B owners and the like, who want to offer ensuite letting rooms.

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Beautiful Living Roofs

The addition of a living roof covering to a garden room design, not only has the benefit of improving the thermal performance of the building and providing an interesting ecosystem for insects and birds, it also creates all round visual interest, and at this time of year they are at their most beautiful!

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Replace your garage with a garden room

How many of us put our car in the garage these days? Not many of us, and we are seeing a growing trend for homeowners to replace their tired garages with a new garden room that they will use everyday!

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Love Your Garden Room

Alan Titchmash’s Love Your Garden returned to our screens this evening, and a prominent part of the garden transformation was a contemporary garden room designed and built by Green Retreats.

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Booths Garden Studios Website

Booths Garden Studios have recently launched a new website, which is packed with information about their Zero Maintenance garden studios. Running The Garden Room Guide we have looked at a lot of suppliers websites, and we have to say that this one offers a lot of information for the potential buyer!

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