Modular Classroom Building

The modular building system adopted by the garden room industry is not limited to small domestic buildings, and in fact is the solution to many commercial building needs.

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Replace a shed with a garden room

Do you have a shed which is looking a little tired? Well you can easily replace it with a modern, fully insulated garden room, that will be a wonderful place to spend time.

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Garden rooms that add value to the house

Both of these projects required Building Control sign off, as they have been inspected and signed off by Building Control, the clients will be able to include them in their property valuation this increases the value and marketability of the property.

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The Garden Office Configurator

The Garden Office have launched a rather nifty Configurator on their website which allows you design your own garden office, playing around with the different options available, whilst clearly showing how your choices will effect the price.

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Solar Powered Tiny House

It is exciting watching the development of the Tiny House UK range, hot on the heels of their kit range of Tiny Houses being tested in the Daily Mail, the team behind the range have just completed the first ‘off grid’ model.

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5 Crazy Uses For Sheds

The humble shed; usually the home of old garden tools, broken pots and unused paint. But in this day and age, when space is at a premium, why not utilise your garden shed and do something really interesting with it?

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Garden room with eco toilet

We are seeing a growing trend for garden rooms with toilet facilities, but sometimes the cost of connecting the plumbing to the mains sewerage is prohibitive. There is another solution a eco toilet!

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A selection of Future Rooms

We recently talked about the new look Future Rooms website, and we thought it would be interesting to follow this up with a look at some of their recent garden room builds.

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The best of…

We are delighted to announce that The Best of Garden Rooms Magazine is now available – essential reading for those looking to buy a garden room!

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Atelier Garden Studios

Modular garden room building systems have become so sophisticated over the last few years that unique garden rooms can be constructed by mixing and matching standard sections of building.

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JML Garden Rooms

We have often said that garden room design and construction owes its origin to modern housebuilding, and this is particularly true with the designs offered by JML Garden Rooms.

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Flexible designs from The Garden Office

The modular makeup of The Garden Office’s range of buildings leads to great flexibility is the final configuration of the building, and by mixing an matching sections of wall and glazing you can create a unique building

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