A garden room can make your garden seem bigger

A hesitation we often hear from buyers is that a garden room will make their garden seem smaller. This is a particular concern with those who have a small urban garden. The reality is, that while yes, you are putting in a substantial structure, a garden room can be designed not to dominate the space, and can in fact, with clever design tricks and perspective lines make your garden seem bigger.

The design team at eDEN Garden Rooms are au fait with designing garden rooms that don’t dominate the garden they sit in. This recent commission in Bushey, Hertfordshire is a clever example of this concept.

This garden room makes the garden seem bigger

eDEN’s customer has a narrow garden and was concerned that putting in a garden room to create a valuable family space would make their garden seem small.

The eDEN Garden Rooms design team created a design that slots into the end of the garden, between the boundaries. A substantial 5.3 meter wide by 3-meter deep garden room has been created. What is clever about the positioning of the garden room tight to each boundary, is that the addition of the garden room actually makes the garden seem wider. The use of bi-fold doors also creates a clever perspective line, that actually makes the garden seem longer.

The garden room design

Another clever element of this garden room is that it serves two uses under the one roof. A secret storage area has been incorporated into the building which eliminates the need for a separate storage shed. Creating one, well-designed building with multiple uses is a good way of making your garden seem bigger. If you had a shed as well as a garden room, your garden could quickly seem overwhelmed with structures.

A garden room family room

eDEN’s customer Jilly, comments:

We love our garden room and we use it constantly. It hasn’t made our garden feel any smaller, in fact, it seems bigger!

If you are worried about a garden room making your garden seem small, talk to the eDEN Garden Room team and see what design tricks they can apply to your project. Give them a call on 0800 0935 339 or visit their website to explore their work further.

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