Warwick Garden Offices talk the future of the garden room

We continue our series looking at garden rooms of the future, the series has been inspired by the Channel 4 documentary House of the Future which includes a garden room in its vision of the future of family life.

A garden room is a big ticket purchase, so how do you secure the investment you make today so that it will still look good and be functional in 20 years time?

We’ve asked the leading garden room suppliers this question and they have provided useful advice on future proofing, today we chat with Warwick Garden Offices:

Do you think a garden room will be part of the house of the future? If so how and why?

Timber Garden Rooms are set to become part of the outdoor ‘furniture’ of future homes as practical space becomes more desirable and the demand for flexibility of all space becomes greater. It’s about usable spaces with equitable internal environments whatever the weather and space which adds up in terms of cost per square metre. Often not requiring planning permission Timber Garden Rooms are generally more aesthetically pleasing and economic than most alternative structures, and can be both sustainable and recyclable. Those who opt for a timber building particularly one in which they work can rest easy on their green laurels in an increasingly eco conscious world.


For people buying a garden room today, what elements design and material wise do you recommend for the building to look good and be functional in 10, 20 years time?

Use of quality materials and sustainable timbers which are pressure treated with environmentally sound products. Double glazing as standard on insulated garden buildings Good security measures and quality door and window furniture

Tried and tested constructions – don’t become an experiment!

The use of materials such as cedar on external surfaces, which will visually improve with age. An excellent aftercare service is a must – avoid here today gone tomorrow companies.

Well proportioned traditional buildings in an appropriate setting can look as relevant in the future as they have in the past and will undoubtedly appeal to a wide range of future property buyers.  Alternatively softer contemporary designs which can blend with a variety of settings, as against edgy modern constructions that can dominate rather than compliment the surrounding area. Highly stylised buildings may also not travel well through time visually, and could potentially alienate the wider audience if selling the property at a later date.

Garden rooms are popularly brought as home offices, studios etc do you see a shift in the uses people are buying them for e.g. granny annexes etc?

Granny annexes or additional ancillary accommodation currently requires planning permissions irrespective of the building materials used. Some relaxation in planning laws would inevitably stimulate demand in this area and timber buildings could then provide a greener, highly cost effective option.

If you were designing a garden room for yourself, what features would you include ready for the future?

We are already installing solar onto buildings and if the new Feed in Tariff rate are beneficial then we would consider this for bigger buildings. Rain water harvesting would be standard. Use of best knowledge in terms of insulative materials creating the most thermally efficient building and energy efficient glass. The more space the better and again a design which is not too quirky as it has to continue to appeal over time as tastes change.  Crafted joinery and high quality fixtures and fittings. Being able to control temperature and airflow into and through the buildings should also be considered a key factor.

To learn more about future proofing garden rooms contact Warwick Garden Offices on 01926 8815757 or visit their website. To read more articles on Warwick Garden Offices click here

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