How to make your home more attractive for selling

For those lucky enough to own in today’s property market, you’ll know one of the best financial decisions you can make is home improvement. Your home is most likely going to be your biggest asset, so if there was a way of adding 5% to its value with a major project that in most cases doesn’t need planning permission, then that should be something all home owners should consider. Of course, 5% may not sound like much, but we can all agree that an extra £15,000+ or so to its value would be nice to have with a future sale. This figure could be even more depending on your properties value, location and quality of the new addition.

While you’re reading this with Garden Room Guide, you’ll of course realise we are talking along the lines of a new outbuilding, annex, garden office, pod or even man/woman cave. Not only will these buildings’ raise the value of your home, but it’s going to help attract the actual sale too. The more opportunities you can give the estate agent to show off some unique (and useful) features with the house the easier you’ll make their sales pitch. With modern life being so busy these days, having an extra place for your potential buyer to see themselves relaxing to get away from it all, is no bad thing either. Images are now even more important with online listings and that extra picture could be difference between getting closer to your asking price or being negotiated down.


At Vivo Property Buyers we can buy any house in any condition in as fast as 7 days around the south-east (UK). We often give out property advice and we’re pleased to say on this occasion we can show how we’ve followed it with Green Studios by letting them create our new and beautiful garden office, which we’re very happy with. We’re a family run husband and wife team with children, so it’s transformed our working lives for the better and of course – raised the future value of our home too! Before, we had to work inside the house and mixing an area which should be for pleasure with work just isn’t ideal. We now find it easier to switch off and it means all the important documents can be kept away from our young kids.


We opted for the ‘home office pod’. You can choose the shape, size and number of windows. We choose big sliding windows and a few small ones on each wall allowing lots of natural light. We also choose a sedum (living) roof, wooden floors and dimmable lights which we can change from in the house, however, there are lots of options to choose from and we’re happy to recommend Green Studios to anyone.


Whatever you decide to go with, good luck!

Vivo Property Buyers

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