Feature black glass infrared heating panels for the energy efficient office

Guest post from the team at Multiheat Energy Systems about their latest product, stylish black panel heaters ideal for any garden room or home office.

Enhance your contemporary home office with a modern heating system showing your commitment to energy efficiency and new technology, a glass infrared heating panel will evoke a feeling of being well organised, efficient and up to the minute.

Feature heating panels made from black glass have a polished mirror like surface, the corners are gently rounded, and the surface is plain and smooth with no lights or switches to spoil the modern clean lines. The glass surface is very slim with a hidden framework on the reverse which holds the panel away from the wall, thus giving the illusion that the heater is floating on the wall, in all it is only 2.5cm deep. Electric heating panels provide you with an efficient and simple to install solution at build time or after completion.

Infrared heating panels have a low energy consumption to help reduce your fuel costs and require no maintenance or servicing, at only 600 watts our panel can also be used with renewable energy sources or solar batteries.

For more information visit the Multiheat Energy Systems website.

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