Triangular Garden Room

What do you do if you have an unusual shaped area in your garden and want to build a garden room? You call in a bespoke design specialist like eDEN Garden Rooms!

eDEN’s customer approached them with the desire for a contemporary style garden room, but they wanted to retain access to an existing garden shed.

The area the customer had was unused and overgrown with trees, added to which it wasn’t ‘square’ so a standard shaped garden room would not make full use of the space available.


The beauty of bespoke design

The thing with bespoke garden room designers is they approach each project with a blank sheet of paper, this allows them to design a building specifically for the site and the clients needs.

Rather than try and fit a square or rectangular garden room on the plot, which would have restricted its size and created voids of unused space, eDEN’s designers have created a building that follows the lines and shape of the site.


And the result…

You must agree the resulting building is very successful. A large and modern garden room has been created, but it doesn’t dominate the garden, rather it nestles in the midst of the garden.


By working with eDEN the customer hasn’t compromised on space or design features  and has ended up with a building tailored to her site and garden.

If you are looking for a garden room tailored to your needs contact eDEN Garden Rooms or give the team a call on 0800 0935 339 to discuss your options.


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