Triangular garden room designed to slot in

Do you have an area of your garden that would be the perfect spot for a garden room, but it’s not square? Don’t be put off the idea; a bespoke garden room designer will happily create a design that will make use of every inch of the space available.

Swift Garden Rooms are experienced hands when it comes to designing and building unique shaped garden rooms.  They were recently approached by a customer in Bristol who wanted to create a garden room in what is basically a triangular shaped area of their garden. To complicate issues the customer lives in a Conservation Area so great care had to be given to the design and installation of the building due to the strict Conservation Area rules.

Triangular Garden Room by Swift-1

Following a site visit the Swift design team realised that they could follow the lines of the plot, and still create a good size, useable room. They left 150mm gaps between the walls and the existing garden walls. This created a standalone building that had no impact on the existing walls.

Natural light could be an issue in a room like this where you have no option of incorporating glazing into the side walls. The Swift team have approached this problem well by installing a large set of bi-fold doors on the front elevation. They have also incorporated an opening skylight at the rear of the building where the room tapers in, this could be a dark corner with the walls meeting, but the addition of the skylight overcomes this perfectly.

Triangular Garden Room by Swift-3Triangular Garden Room by Swift-4

A living sedum roof helps the building blend into the garden; this is a good design choice when you or your neighbours will be overlooking a building. EPDM rubber roofing commonly used on garden rooms like this is a high-performance product, but the solid block of black is not the most appealing view from above! A living roof like this is a much better choice, and the sedums commonly chosen need very little maintenance.

Triangular Garden Room by Swift-2

There is a small roof overhang on the front elevation. This has allowed the Swift team to install external grade LED lights, which will create a curtain of light along the front of the room.

Internally the room is finished to a high standard with fully plastered and decorated walls and ceiling; this has been combined wooden flooring. The room is fully wired electrically; the Swift team also organised the connection of the electrical system to the mains supply.

A tapered deck area has been installed along the front of the room. It’s a clever trick to include a decked are along the front of a garden room with bi-fold doors. It not only gives you an extra seating area in the garden, but will make the garden room seem bigger when the doors are folded back. This is especially effective when the deck is the same height as the internal floor finish.

This garden room is designed for comfortable year round use. The whole structure has high levels of both thermal and acoustic insulation.

As you can see from this project, a great garden room can be created on the most unusual shaped plots.

To learn more about Swift Garden Rooms work take a look at their website or give them a call on 01625 875 6 588 to discuss your garden room ideas.

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