Snowed in?!

Is the weather making your journey to work treacherous, and taking longer than normal? Why not make alternative arrangements and work from home?

The journey down the garden path to an office in your garden is easy and stress free, no matter what the weather!

The development of the internet and mobile phone mean that many of us can work from any location – what better location than at the bottom of your garden?!

Garden offices are built using the same materials and methods as a timber frame house, indeed the levels of insulation in a garden office often out perform the guidelines in the Building Regulations.

Garden rooms incorporate a high spec electrical system which includes heating, normally in the form of electric convector heaters or underfloor heating – so you wont be cold on these wintry days!

So, if you are stuck at home today because of the snow, why not think about installing a garden office – it will save you hundreds of man hours a year in traveling time and hundreds of pounds in traveling costs – so a garden office will pay for itself in no time.

Working in a garden office saves you travel problems in the winter, but just think working in the garden is the perfect place to be in the summer to!

Why wouldn’t you work from a garden office if you could?

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