Six years of garden rooms

November 2015 marks the sixth birthday of The Garden Room Guide!

When we started the site back in 2009 our aim was to create a series of articles which would give potential buyers information on different aspects of garden room construction and the buying process.

We had a lot of knowledge to share having started our own garden room business back in the 1990’s. Unfortunately an accident in 2006 mean’t I could no longer do the physical work I once did. My partner built me a website and together we started sharing our garden room knowledge – The Garden Room Guide was born!

Our initial articles were about construction, planning etc. As the site has developed we have had the pleasure of showcasing the work of many of UK’s garden room suppliers.

The Garden Room Guide has grown significantly year on year and in 2012 it became a business. The adverts we feature allow us to keep writing about garden rooms and fund the development of new features to help you ‘find your perfect garden room’.

The Garden Room Guide

The largest garden room website

It’s pretty safe for us to say that The Garden Room Guide is the largest garden room resource available – the site currently features 1393 articles and a staggering 6879 photos!

An exciting industry to work in

The garden room industry is exciting to work within. Whilst we no longer design and build ourselves we are always intrigued to hear how different suppliers are adopting new building techniques or materials and to see the designs they create. Garden room designers are a talented bunch who continually pushing the boundaries.

A growing industry

The garden room industry has experienced significant growth since we started back in 2009. There is now a design for every budget from small designs around £5,000 to to elaborate one off designs that cost tens of thousands of pounds.

What garden rooms are being used for has changed too over the last six years. Back in 2009 most designs were being used as home offices or artists studios. Today garden offices are still popular but so are larger multi room designs which people are able to live in.

Going forward

We have several new features in the pipeline to help buyers find their ideal garden room, including a new pricing section which is a heavily request feature from our readers. We can’t wait to share these new features in the coming months.

So, thank you

Thank you for reading The Garden Room Guide – we hope we have made your garden room search a little easier. Also thank you to the suppliers who took a chance on us back in 2009 and especially those of whom converted into advertisers who fund the development of the site.

Here’s to the next six years!

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