Pool House Garden Rooms

If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your garden then a pool house alongside makes a lot of sense for changing and entertaining. In addition to the main living space a smaller room is often created to house the vital pool equipment – pumps etc.

Timeless Garden Rooms have built a lot of pool houses for clients over the years. This charming example was actually built by the Timeless Garden Rooms team ten years ago. The garden room is full of traditional charm. The porch over the front door is a lovely feature as is the lead detailing under the windows and the cedar shingle roof.



At 8 meters x 4 meters this is a large building. The garden room incorporates a shower room with toilet which means it is ideal for changing when using the swimming pool. The room also doubles as a hobby room for the artist owner.

As we mentioned pool houses normally have an equipment room alongside. The Timeless Garden Room team designed what they call a  ‘mini me’ to compliment the design of the main building. At 1.2m x 2.1m the addon houses all the pipework, pumps and equipment that is needed.


Having enjoyed their pool house garden room for a decade the owners called back the Timeless Garden Rooms team to repaint the exterior, which they were happy to undertake – its good to know that garden room suppliers have this long term committment to their buildings.

A Different Layout

This is another Timeless Garden Rooms pool house. In this instance the customer took down a garden shed so the garden room could sit in its place, but they still needed to house their garden equipment including a ride on lawn mower. To accommodate the customers brief Timeless Garden Rooms designed another version of their ‘mini me’ which incorporated double doors for easy manoeuvering of the mower.

We like how Timeless Garden Rooms have designed the ‘mini me’ in the same style as the main room creating a building that works as a whole.



Latest Layout

Timeless Garden Rooms are currently working on another pool house project but with their latest design the equipment room is actually within the main building separated from the living room by a separating wall. The pool equipment in this latest design doesn’t need to be bolted into a concrete base, but the Timeless team are lining the room to protect its structural integrity in the event of a water leak – we like belt and braces design like this!

All Timeless Garden Rooms are insulated, electrically wired and heated for year round use. A 8m x 4m pool house would start at £32,000. A  porch addition as seen at the top of the page would add around £3,000 to the cost and a ‘mini me’ equipment room typically adds another £2,500.

For more information visit the Timeless Garden Rooms website or call the team on 01843 821 851


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