Making the most out of your garden room: Six Ideas

Guest post by Modern Garden Rooms

A garden room, no matter what the size, gives you an opportunity. An opportunity to create the home gym you’ve always wanted, create a place for your band to practice, or setup that bar/pub you and your friends have always talked about. But not all of us have a plan set in mind for our garden room. We just know that we need more space.

For those of you who have a garden room without a set plan on how to make use of it, Modern Garden Rooms have got creative and come up with a few ways that you can use that space to truly transform your home.


Gyms are expensive, right? Not to mention getting home after work and having to motivate yourself to actually go to one. The beauty of that back garden room is that, with a little investment, you can turn it into a fully kitted gym without any of the equipment impinging on your home life space and without the extortionate cost.

To start with, all you really need are the basics; a treadmill, weights, a cross trainer, and then you can purchase more equipment as and when it’s required. A little later down the line you could even add in a shower room and sauna, really re-creating the gym experience. Sure, it’ll involve an investment to begin with, but it’s much better than paying out monthly to a gym you never go to. Plus, a fully equipped gym on the property will work wonders for its value.

Modern Garden Rooms gym

Guest bedroom

Every home owner should want a guest wing. The idea of having a friend or family member stay over and have the freedom of their own space is just too appealing. They can watch TV into the early hours, snore to their hearts content, hell, they could even continue practicing the guitar that you’re sick to death of hearing. But most of us are hard-pressed to find space on a couch for family members, never mind a whole wing.

Your garden room can be just that. A space to host friends and family, or if you’re a little strapped for cash, to host a new tenant. Guests can come and go as they please, with their own spot to relax and wind down out from under your feet.


Every guy has always dreamt of owning their own bar, so what better place to open one than in your own home? It’s the perfect place to host parties with friends and family and just to relax and knock back a cold one after a long day at the office without having to spend a tonne of money at a bar. And if you’re new to town, what better way to get to know the neighbours than inviting them round?


If you’re an avid reader then we don’t doubt you’ve got more books than you know what to do with. It’d be great if you had a library room to store them in. Your garden room could make the perfect reading spot. Wall to wall bookshelves, a rocking chair, some soft lighting – what more could a reader want?

Modern Garden Rooms

Music Room

You’re never too old to learn an instrument. You are often restricted by the size of your home and your neighbours though. You can’t soundproof every room, can you? Your garden room can double as your very own little music studio, whether you’re a virtuoso or just starting out, that garden room space gives you the chance to practice without being judged… or annoying the neighbours.


If you work from home, separating home-life from work life can prove difficult. Your house is full of distractions and sticking to your schedule can get tricky. That’s why many people create ah ome office with that spare back bedroom. But that doesn’t completely illuminate the urge to roll out of bed and sit at your keyboard still in your PJS, with the TV on.

Your garden room can help create that ‘work life’ environment. It can act as your office at home and stand without any of the distractions you’ll find in your house. Equip it with a comfortable desk, chair, some plants, lights, perhaps a reading corner, and you have your dream office.

A Modern Garden Rooms space

So there you go, six different ways that you can put that extra space to use. Remember that a garden room doesn’t have to be limited by just one of these things. The room can double up as any of the above, helping you stay productive and relax.

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