Keeping your garden studio secure

We keep hearing that garden crime is on the rise, with sheds across the country being broken into, this maybe worrying news for garden studio owners as you may have much more valuable kit in your garden studio or office than your garden shed.

Garden studios are built like timber houses and feature many of the security features of a modern house which makes them very safe, with a shed it is easy to prise off the door but garden studio doors are fitted with multi point locks which are not so easy to break through.

Some suppliers choose to use inward opening doors and windows with the glazing bars on the inside so that the hinges can’t be tampered with or the glazing bars removed and the glass taken out. This is a nice feature but in reality it would take a burglar quite a while to remove the hinges and glazing to get in.

A few suppliers offer burglar alarm systems, they can also be retro fitted. Alarm systems on garden rooms work like those on a house with door and windows sensors and movement sensors, modern systems can inform you of movement in your garden studio by mobile phone or SMS message.

Many garden studios come with outside lighting, and as well as being useful on dark nights it is an added security feature, some garden studios are fitted with PIR movement activated lights which will flood the area of the studio with light if someone crosses the path of the sensor. A few suppliers offer remote controlled lighting meaning you can control the lights in you garden studio from the comfort of your house, this means you can switch the lights on and off at different times and keep intruders on their toes!

You could always consider installing CCTV around your garden studio, this way you can record activity around your studio, this option could be particularly useful if your garden studio truly is at the bottom of the garden.

So, there are measures you can take to increase garden office security, but garden studios are not sheds, they’re as safe as houses!

We look at garden studio in more detail in our book The Garden Office Guide

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