Have you considered sun tubes for your garden room

Have you considered incorporating sun tubes into your garden room project? Many bespoke garden room suppliers offer them as a way of boosting natural light, in an area of the building that might otherwise be a little dark. Swift Garden Rooms have incorporated sun tube into several of their garden room designs, as director Martin Lawson tells us:

“We have offered these as an option for some time now – they are very useful in many circumstances and provide an everlasting, zero-running cost source of valuable light. These have been used to great effect in lobby’s or shower rooms where there are no, or very limited windows.  They look so sleek and transform a gloomy corner into a bright and inviting space.  Although you cannot see the clouds in sky going by,  they are private, subtle and give an appealing diffuse light that is great for working under.”


Swift Garden Rooms highlight the advantages of sun tubes over glass roof lights:

  • More diffused light that gives a good general light source without glare and strong shadows
  • Neat and small for the amount of light that they introduce
  • Economical compared to most roof lights
  • Very neat, almost flush internal mounting that gives a smooth finish
  • You can use multiple sun-tubes to give natural light in almost all circumstances
  • They can have a supplementary electric light installed that enables them to function at night too

Things to be aware of:

  • They do not give a “window to the sky”…. If you want to see clouds and birds then you need a roof light
  • They do not open so, therefore, cannot give any ventilation

Examples of sun tubes in use

This garden room, for example, is being used as an artists studio. The building has a large set of corner glazing, but the customer also wanted to ensure reflective light in the room, even on dull days.



Its becoming popular to incorporate a shower room into a garden room build. Because these tend to be compact, it can sometimes be difficult to find room for a decent sized window. A sun tube is a great solution.



How much might a sun tube cost to incorporate into my garden room?

Swift Garden Rooms tell us that they use a variety of different sun tube suppliers, the decision is mostly dictated by the design of the roof. Costs vary because of the different specifications, but prices can be as low as £690 supplied and installed.

To learn more about how you could incorporate sun tubes into your garden room design, talk to the Swift team on 01625 875 588 or visit their website to explore their work further.

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