Ground Screw Foundations

Having been involved in the industry for many years Quentin Farrow from SIPS Garden Rooms was recently reminded of a German product he came across a few years ago when working with a previous Garden Room business, but never took the idea forward.

We were installing a Garden Room on a very steep slope in Bath and the team was struggling to dig the mini piling system we usually use because of the torrential rain!”

He remembered seeing this particular product being used in a jetty application with the Ground Screws being driven into the soil around the water’s edge; so they purchased a few and haven’t looked back since.


To some this product may seem a bit of an overkill or a case of over engineering, but when you’re spending large sums of money on a Garden Room it’s good to know that the foundations will last as long as the EDPM and would support a much heavier overall weight.

Here are some of the USP’s which caught our eye:

Ground screw benefits:

  • Quick, easy and concrete free: no excavation, no wet trades, no curing time and less disruption to your garden
  • Low impact, vibration free process which helps protect tree roots
  • Quality material, galvanised to ISO1461 (UK and European standard), ensuring  reduced corrosion and improving product life (overall lifespan of 50 years)
  • Made from 75-80 per cent recycled steel
  • Suitable for both granular and cohesive soil types and works well with sloping sites
  • Easily removable, if required, with minimum impact to the landscape


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