Grey Siberian larch cladding creates a modern look

Western Red Cedar cladding has for many years been the finish of choice of garden room buyers looking to create a modern looking building. There is, however, a new cladding on the block, which creates a crisp modern look – Grey Siberian Larch.

Grey larch clad garden room

Siberian Larch has been offered by several garden room suppliers as a cladding option for several years, but Garden Spaces have recently added a Larch board that has a special preservative applied. This preservative is applied to both sides of the board in factory conditions for maximum impregnation and gives the boards an attractive grey hue.

Grey larch clad garden room

This water-based preservative protects the boards from fungal and insect attack. But, one of the biggest benefits is that it offers even colour weathering of the boards, this is important as your garden room ages for it to stay looking good.

Uneven weathering is one of the most common complaints we hear from Cedar clad garden room owners. As their building ages and is exposed to the elements the Cedar boards will start to weather to a silver grey colour, which is lovely in itself, but the rate of weathering can be patchy across the building. This new cladding finish that Garden Spaces are offering overcomes this problem.

Grey larch clad garden room

As you can see from these photos, the Grey Siberian Larch creates a sharp looking garden room. This building is going to be used as a home office, and again, as you can see from the interior photos, the interior has an equally modern look. Garden Spaces finish their garden rooms with a fully plastered and decorated interior.

Inside a Garden Spaces garden roomInside a Garden Spaces garden room

To learn more about this new Grey Siberian Larch cladding give the Garden Spaces team a call on 0845 387 9387 or take a look at their extensive website. 


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