Garden Rooms replacing conservatories: what makes them a hit!

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Home owners in favor of revamping their homes often opt for extending their living spaces. This is done to benefit from that extra yard space, especially in warmer seasons. However, planning permission may stall these projects, if major structural changes are required. That is when people think of conservatories and garden rooms as simpler hassle free alternatives to home extensions requiring structural modifications. Besides, conservatories and garden rooms give you the feeling of being outdoors from within the comfort of your home.

The differentiation

Now what differentiates a garden room from a conservatory? Both garden rooms and conservatories are designed making use of architectural elements like a framework of upvc doors and floor to ceiling glass windows. But there is a marked difference is in the roofing system. Conservatories have transparent polycarbonate roofs or glass roofs placed at the top while garden rooms have fully insulated tiled or slated roofs. This is the main reason why people prefer garden rooms to conservatories.

What you require

Transparent roof tops create several issues for conservatories. For one, conservatories become exceedingly hot in summers. For this, home owners have to install blinds and/or air-conditioning to combat the extreme summer heat, especially if the conservatories are south facing. Also, the north facing conservatories tend to lose out on natural light. This creates additional expense and work. . A garden room, with its solid tiled roof and floor to ceiling windows provides natural light and keeps heat out. The same goes for winters. Conservatories with glass roofs release heat faster in winters, garden rooms prove to be more beneficial on account of solid heat insulating roofs.


Maintenance is another factor which makes garden rooms beneficial as compared to conservatories. Glass and polycarbonate roofs of conservatories require regular cleaning and maintenance. Solid roofs of garden rooms do not require maintenance on a regular basis making them cost effective and less cumbersome to clean.

Conservatories appear to be detached from the main house or building, often a stark contrast in case of old traditional homes. The transparent polycarbonate roof and semi plastic upvc framework lends a modern appearance to it and makes it look like a detachable plastic structure, often disliked by home owners with traditional tastes.

Garden rooms can be blended with the main house by using similar solid roofing material as the house. Garden rooms are glazed extensions with floor to ceiling windows and doors that open out into the garden or front yard. This makes the outside environment an inseparable part of the inner living space of the house. The garden room does not look like it is an extension rather it looks more like an open and naturally inviting part of the house.

All these factors give garden rooms an edge over conservatories. Besides, home owners are constantly on the lookout for easy revamping and long lasting solutions. Excellent heat insulation, pleasing aesthetics and low maintenance make home owners favor garden rooms over conservatories. Trends have changed and now garden rooms are the next generation conservatories.


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