Garden room that nestles into the garden

Some of the most successful garden room designs we have seen over the years are those where the customer and designer have worked together to create a design that nestles into an existing garden setting. It can be tempting to completely clear a plot of ground for a garden room to be built, but with thought and a few design tricks a garden room can be slotted in within existing planting. Creating a building that looks established in its surroundings from day one, and is softened by the natural textures that surround it.


During the summer Garden Spaces built a garden room that they had designed to nestle into an established garden. Garden Spaces customer was looking to create a home office away from the distractions of the main house, and had the perfect plot in mind, in what they call their ‘secret garden’.


Garden Spaces and their customer worked together to create a building that had a real connection with the garden around it. To achieve this, they created a large corner section of glazing, which incorporates a three leaf set of bi-fold doors. These doors will fold back to create a free-flowing connection with the garden beyond.


Garden Spaces also incorporated a pedestrian access door, which has been cleverly positioned so when you open it you see through the length of the building to the garden beyond – a clever design trick! This door has been clad in the same Thermowood cladding as the exterior of the building, making it almost invisible when closed – this is another clever design trick which we see commonly used on garden rooms that incorporate a secret shed, as they create a streamlined building.


Garden Spaces build their garden rooms on a SIP’s core. These highly insulated panels create a comfortable room temperature all year round. For the colder days of the year, a wall mounted electric convector heater has been installed.

Internally Garden Spaces rooms have the feel of a room in a new build house, with plastered and decorated walls and ceiling. This is coupled with 10mm laminate flooring, which you can choose your finish from a palette of colours.

As you can see from the photos, this garden room really does nestle into the established garden. It is worth looking around your garden when choosing your plot and seeing how it can work with your existing planting. By doing this, you will create a building that looks part of the garden from day one.

To learn more about Garden Spaces work visit their website or give the team a call on 0845 387 9 387.

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