Entertainment room in the garden

This Timeless Garden Room was completed just before Christmas and had been six months in the planning from initial consultation to completion of work. This project took this length of time because the building needed both Planning Permission and Conservation consent.

Entertainment room in the garden by Timeless Garden Rooms-2

The Timeless Garden Room team handled these applications on the clients behalf making it a very smooth process for all involved. People get daunted by the idea of Planning Permission but if you work with an experienced supplier like Timeless Garden Rooms they will normally handle the application for you.

Timeless Garden Rooms worked closely with the customer and Local Authority. They altered their design to accommodate the Conservation Authorities requests. This included lowering the pitch of the roof from 35 degrees to 30 degrees. This is a minor change which kept the authorities happy whilst the customer still got the room they wanted.

Entertainment room in the garden by Timeless Garden Rooms-5

As you can see the site where the garden room stands was very under used previously. The new room and the area around it has created a great place for summer BBQ’s etc.

Entertainment room in the garden by Timeless Garden Rooms-1Entertainment room in the garden by Timeless Garden Rooms-3

The original planned use for the garden room was an entertaining space / TV room / Kids room with a number of specific lighting options (dimmable) to add atmosphere. Timeless Garden Rooms recommended Fishermans lanterns and a set of LED lights that add a fun and unusual element to the room.
Timeless Garden Rooms installed LED lighting strips which are able to be set to a series of colours, various modes and were controlled by remote control. The pictures show exactly what difference they make the the internal lighting.
We can see that this room will make a great entertainment space. We particularly like how Timeless Garden Rooms have mixed the traditional elements of the building with some very modern features like the lighting.
If you are looking for a garden room tailored to your specific needs and tastes take a look at the Timeless Garden Rooms website or give them a call on 01843 821 851 to discuss your ideas.

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