Dealing directly with the supplier

It’s interesting that buying a garden room is one of the few big-ticket home improvements where you deal directly with the manufacturer. There are only a few companies that act as middlemen between customer and manufacturer. By far, the most common way of buying a garden room is to deal directly with the firm who makes the style of building you like.

There are many benefits in dealing directly:

Cost – as there are no middlemen taking a cut from the project the best prices are passed onto the customer.

Experience – the people who know most about their designs and building systems are the suppliers themselves. They are the best people to advise you how well their systems can adapt to your needs – a middleman is never going to have this same level of knowledge.

Customer service – you will be given a named contact who will liaise with you throughout your project. This personal service leads to a stress-free project.

There are two types of garden room supplier

Garden room suppliers work in two ways; either as a full-scale manufacturer or as an outsourcer. Both types of supplier offer the benefits we have outlined above, but their individual differences are:

Manufacturer – these suppliers have their own workshops and manufacture the core structure of the building. They have teams of workers who install the garden rooms on site.

Outsourcer – an outsourcer doesn’t have their own workshop. Rather, they order and have the core structure manufactured for them and delivered directly to the site. Many outsourcers have their own construction team to install the buildings on-site, but some suppliers hire a firm of builders local to the customer to do this.

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