Creative Cladding

The external cladding of a garden room has a significant impact on the look and style of the building. We have seen claddings mixed together before but we haven’t seen this level of creativity or detailing in a garden rooms cladding.

Cladding detail on a Swift Garden Room

Swift Garden Rooms are bespoke garden room designers and because of this they can tailor their buildings to their clients tastes.

This Swift build is being used as a music room / studio and during initial talks Martin Lawson and his client Helen talked about their mutual admiration for Art Deco design and that was where the idea for the cladding detailing was born.

The shape reflects the design of the microphones used in the era – Helen is a voice artist so this was the “icing on the cake’ for her.

The detailing is impressive, and this level of precision obviously took some time to plan out and implement. The Swift installation team cut a specialist exterior board to size and then created a patch work of this board and the Western Red Cedar, rather than the easier option of laying one on top of the other.

Cladding detail on a Swift Garden Room

You can see that the detailing has been set flush with the cedar cladding – attention to detail like this all counts.

A polished metal trim was also inserted in to the design to provide additional detailing and the whole build-up is flush finished.

Helen is obviously really pleased with the building and comments:

I was really impressed with the speed and quality of service from Swift.  The team seemed to have an almost eerie knack of knowing what we wanted and what would suit our situation.  Martin’s suggestion of a design on the exterior meant that the room was just a little bit more creative and adventurous, and from a professional point of view, conveyed the same message about my business to my clients!  The extra soundproofing package means that the room is exceptionally quiet, making it the perfect starting point for further acoustic treatment and therefore a great space for my voiceover work.  It took much less time to build and far less disruption than a loft conversion (having suffered through one of those in the past) and looks very stylish in its spot at the end of the garden.  Right now I’m fighting off people demanding to know when they can come and see it and celebrate it with a grand opening party.” 

Helen Jackson (Chelmsford)

The Swift team have made a short video of the project which is well worth a watch:

For more information about Swift Garden Rooms work visit their website or call the team on 0800 3102 800 to discuss your ideas.

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