Connecting a garden rooms electrics to the mains

One of the few extra costs when buying a garden room, office or studio is the connection of the electrics to the mains supply.

Any electrical work on your garden room needs to comply with Part P of the Building Regulations, this means that a certified electrician needs to undertake the connection of the garden rooms’ electrical system to your houses main supply.

The connection involves laying an armoured cable in a trench running from the garden room to the house, this trench needs to be quite deep, around 500 – 750mm so it’s not disturbed by gardening and should have a warning tape buried above the cable so that anyone digging in the future will be warned that there is an electrical cable below.

So, how much will this electrical connection add to your garden room project? Well that all depends on how far your garden room is from the house as the trench digging and armoured cable is expensive and how much work needs to be done on your fuse board, but as a general guide you should allow £500 to £1,200 for this connection.

Once your garden room has been connected to the mains the electrician will test the circuit and issue you with a certificate. Visit the NICEIC website to find a certified electrician to carry out this work.

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