Buying a garden room online

Innovation in the garden room industry is happening everyday. One recent development is that you can now buy a high spec garden room online.

Its a very simple process like ordering your supermarket shop. You choose a style of building, pick a size and then work your way through a list of optional extras all individually priced. Proceed to the checkout, enter your credit card details for the 50% deposit and bingo you have a garden room on its way!

Buying a garden room online 2

Buying a garden room online is as simple as adding it to your shopping basket!

We are impressed with the amount of thought that the companies offering this service have put into their ecommerce sites and how they have broken down the elements of the build, all individually priced so buyers can select what they want to include.

But, by buying a garden room online you are missing out

As impressed as we are with the technology and the planning behind these sites we do question if this is the right way to buy a garden room.

Garden rooms are an expensive commodity and should not be rushed purchases. The garden room industry is successful because of the personal service the suppliers offer their customers. There are few middlemen in the industry and in almost all cases you will deal directly with the garden room designer / manufacturer when buying a garden room.

These suppliers work closely with you to identify the best building for your intended use and garden. They will advise you on the type of construction that will serve you best. Guide you on Planning Permission issues etc. This is particularly important as every garden is different and whilst there are ways around tricky site issues if you are prepared for them there is no one size fits all garden room solution.

Ordering a building should not be your first interaction with a supplier

Placing an order for a garden room should not be your first interaction with a supplier, in fact placing the order for the building is several steps along the path.

Initial questions can be answered on the phone, by email or by visiting a show site. This is normally followed by a site visit by the supplier to your house at a mutually convenient time – this is perhaps the most important part of the whole buying process as it offers the chance to discuss your project in detail and you get a feel for the company you will be working with for the next few weeks.

Ideas of layout and a detailed specification are drawn up following the site visit. You will also be given a detailed quote for the work to be undertaken.

When you are absolutely happy with what is proposed this is when the ordering process takes place and you pay a deposit which can be anything up to 50% of the total project cost.

Its actually an enjoyable process

During these steps leading up to the point of order you will have had close contact with your supplier who will work with you to tailor the building to your needs and tastes.

Its actually a very enjoyable process where you will have a lot of input into the design, positioning of elements like the doors, windows and electrics. You will also have final say on the materials used.

When buying such an expensive commodity you should expect this level of personal service!

These sites are actually a useful research tool

These websites where you can buy a garden room online are actually a valuable research tool as you can get a very clear idea of what different size and style buildings cost. You can also get a good idea of cost for the various optional extras like underfloor heating and bi- fold doors.

Don’t miss out on the garden room experience

We are not dismissing these sites / suppliers work by any means. We have written this article because we don’t want you to miss out on the ‘garden room experience’. They are a big purchase and will have an impact on your garden for years to come. We want you to have the great experience that the garden room suppliers work so hard to offer.


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