Ark Design / Build

If you are looking for a garden room in Kent, you’ll want to check out the work of local firm Ark Design/Build. Ark Design/Build have recently entered the market offering a bespoke design service with a contemporary style. At the moment the Ark team are focusing on builds in the Kent area.

As these photos show Ark Design/Build design garden rooms with clean, contemporary lines. They offer a turnkey service handling the whole project from initial design through to completion and the connection of the electrics to the mains supply. With this type of service, you have the peace of mind dealing with one supplier from start to finish.

Kent garden room by Ark Design/Build

Ark Design/Build construct their garden rooms on-site, meaning they can overcome site issues and tricky access problems with relative ease. For instance, this recent project is built on a significant slope, but the Ark team have managed to incorporate it into the overall design of the building. They have discreetly clad the foundation in the same Cedar as the main room, creating a nice decked veranda area which creates a great inside-outside space when the bi-fold doors are open.

This Kent garden room is on a significant slope

Bi-fold doors on garden room in Kent

Ark Design/Build, build using a traditional timber frame, which has 70mm of rigid PIR insulation fitted between the studs – many firms use 50mm. The garden room has a warm roof build-up, meaning the insulation sits above the rafters covering the whole roof. Warm roofs are considered more thermally efficient than cold roofs where the insulation sits between the rafters. The roof is covered with an EPDM membrane, a rubber sheeting that is fitted in one section negating the risk of joints leaking. EPDM has been used for many decades in commercial building as it has a long, maintenance free lifespan.

The interior of this Kent garden room is like a room in a new houseA narrow window has been positioned in the side wall

Internally, Ark Design/Build finish their garden rooms like a new house with plastered and decorated interior and durable laminate on the floor. A 3-leaf set of bi-fold doors has been set to one side of the front elevation; these easily push back to one side to really open the room up onto the garden.  A narrow floor to ceiling glazed panel has been positioned on one side, framing a view of the garden.

The garden room is electrically wired with chrome switch plates and fittings. Heating is included in the price.

With prices starting at £9,000 Ark Design/Build garden rooms are competitively priced. Lead times are a modest 3 to 4 weeks.

The Ark team will conduct a free stite visit to discuss your ideas in detail and assess your garden. To arrange your visit give the Ark team a call on 07760 882 950 or visit their website to learn more about their work.  


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