Add extra light to your garden room with sun tubes

We recently wrote about how Swift Garden Rooms make use of the clever sun tube technology to add additional natural light to some of their garden room designs. Today we are happy to showcase how another garden room specialist, Garden Spaces makes use of sun tubes in their designs.

Garden Spaces explain how they add extra light to a garden room with sun tubes:

It is so important when your work is creative, that you not only have the right space but also the right light. This client removed the pressures of a long commute to her art studio and replaced it with a leisurely stroll down the garden to her bespoke Garden Spaces studio. Important requirements included a specialist floor, additional head height, maximum wall space for hanging large canvasses and most importantly good light (both natural and artificial).


The studio design was hard thought through, with the Garden Spaces designer and client in close collaboration throughout the planning and build process. Rather than the normal SIPs (structured insulated panels) base, this studio sits on a concrete slab, topped with a hard latex levelling compound that forms the perfect surface on which this artist will work.


In order to maximise light whilst maintaining wall space, four light tubes were installed, interspersed between four specialist daylight strip lights. Garden Spaces use Solatube Daylighting Systems, which are the world’s leading sun tube brand, backed by BBA (British Board of Agrément) Certification and a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. The solar tube gathers natural light at roof level and transfers it, via highly reflective tubing, to a ceiling fitting which diffuses light into the room below.  Garden Spaces pride ourselves in sourcing and installing the best quality materials and with their BBA certification these light tubes meet UK standards for light transmittance, strength and stability, weather tightness, fire retardancy, thermal properties and durability.   


Good ventilation, hugely important for an art studio, was ensured by the inclusion of a top hung window to the rear of the studio and a half-height window to the side of the French doors, at the front. Our electrician installed a wall mounted convector heater, four double power sockets and an external PIR security light, to complete this stylish art studio.

To learn more about Garden Spaces work visit their informative website, or give the team a call on 0845 387 9 387 to discuss your garden room ideas.

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