Living in the shed

Guest Post

A worker for NHS in Havant, Hampshire, has been told she can’t live in her parents shed after living there for an entire year because she is saving up for a house to begin a family and be set for life to raise a child.

After living there for a year the council have decided that the shed isn’t providing adequate living conditions for them to live and creates an undesirable precedent to the local area, Victoria Campbell said

My dream is to live in a three-bedroom house with my fiancé and start a family but starting on the property ladder is really difficult to do now a days”

They were hoping to raise at least twenty thousand pound to get a deposit on a house after five years of living in the shed, but now after a year the officials have been given nine months to move out or pay a fine.

She currently uses it as living quarters, kitchen and garden office, saying

My parents only had one spare room and it’s not even big enough to fit a single bed in so it has been marked useless to us”

The shed has a 15ft by 15ft base area, double-glazed windows and heating is available, no running water but electricity sent from her parents’ house, Miss Campbell said

” I don’t know why the council are forcing us to move, if we do we will turn out homeless and the shed will still be there”

They are currently getting a petition of over a thousand signatures to give the council and stop the move out from happening.

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