Garden offices more than just a shed

Whilst many garden sheds aspire to be a garden office and many homeowners dream of converting the shed at the bottom of the garden into a high tech home office, the typical garden shed really isn’t suitable as a garden office, and doesn’t come close to the standards the companies showcased on this site employ in their buildings. Charlie Dalton of Smart Garden Offices tweeted the other day ‘that a shed with a PC in is not a garden office, but a shed with a PC in’ and he’s right.

Sheds were designed for storage, hobbies etc, not for sitting at a desk 52 weeks a year!

Some places on the web describe how you can ‘upgrade’ a shed turning it into a garden office by adding insulation, but there really is more to it than that. Firstly as they stand shed walls aren’t thick enough to take the level of insulation that a garden office requires, and there’s more to it than installing insulation, you should also have a breather membrane between the cladding and the insulation and a vapour membrane on the inside.

Unlike sheds garden offices are designed to be used all year round. Garden offices are built like timber frame houses, they use the same materials and techniques, materials are chosen so that they require little maintenance and will last for decades.

Inside a garden office has the look and feel of a room in your house, they come with plenty of sockets so you can plug in your computer and start work straight away.

It certainly sounds quirky if you say you work in the shed, but don’t be fooled into thinking a shed and a garden office are the same thing, explore this site for numerous quality garden office designs and suppliers.


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