Cleaning the patio or decking around a garden room


A patio or decking area around you garden room can extend your living space, but at this time of year it can be looking a bit dirty and in some cases be a bit slippery!

The patio here @gardenroomHQ was looking a bit green when we ventured outside last weekend, and it needed more attention than a good sweep. We came across a product called Hero by Westland, and it turned out to be well, a bit of a hero!

Following the instructions we mixed 5 capfuls of the concentrate in a watering can and ‘watered’ the patio, we then left it for three days as recommended and WOW the green tinge had gone! The photo above shows the result, sorry no before photo but we didn’t think it would work that well, but it was green rather than cream!

Hero can also be used on wood – decking or fencing, after the success of the patio we had a go on a timber swing which had a green tinge too after the winter, we soaked the wood and three days later the swing is like new.

So, if your patio or decking areas need a spring clean, give Hero a go, we’re very pleased with the results.


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