A garden room can help you save water

As we hear about more parts of the UK suffering from drought, we should all be aware of the water we use and collect, and of course your garden room can help!

Whether flat roofed or pitched roofed it’s amazing how much rainwater can be collected off a garden room roof, however large or small your building is.

Most garden rooms come complete with guttering and down pipes which can easily be connected to a water butt or two. If your chosen design doesn’t come with guttering as standard, it can easily be added, with guttering supplies readily available from DIY stores, the nak is to get a slight slope on the guttering so that all the water runs to the waterbutt.

Guttering and down pipes are not the most attractive features of a garden room, and some designers have hidden them within the structure of the building, for instance some suppliers have incorporated down pipes in the corner posts of the building whilst others have created designer channels which the water runs down. You’ll need to talk to your supplier how you can collect rainwater from these types of system.

However you do it, you need to collect the water that runs off your garden room – your country needs you too!

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