See a garden room before you buy

One of the key pieces of advice we can give you is to try and see one or more garden rooms before you buy. Spending some time in a garden room, will quickly give you the feel for these special buildings. You will also get to examine the quality of the workmanship and identify features and materials you want to include in your own room.

Each garden room supplier has their own way of showcasing examples of their work. This page showcases the three key ways to see a garden room before you buy.

Visit a garden room show site

A handful of garden room firms have a range of buildings on show at their factory.

See garden rooms at a show

There are various shows throughout the year where garden room suppliers take an example of their work for you to see.

These shows are a great opportunity to see the work of more than one supplier in one visit; you may even snap up a show offer!

Visit a local garden room

Most garden room suppliers have arrangements with past customers to allow you to visit a garden room near where you live.

You obviously need to ask your chosen supplier to organise a time for you to do this.

This is a great way of seeing a garden room up close; you can also ask the owners about their experience of buying and using a garden room