How much do garden rooms cost?

How much do garden cost? This is the question we are most frequently asked. After all, we all want an idea of how much something might cost before handing over our personal details for a quote. Luckily many garden room suppliers offer a pricing guide for common sizes of building on their websites so that you can get an idea of a rough idea of price.

When it comes to buying a garden room the price depends on a number of factors:

  • The size of the building
  • Whether you choose a modular or bespoke design
  • The building system you choose - house quality SIPS or timber frames
  • The finishes you choose - cedar cladding and plastered interiors cost more, for instance
  • The designer features you pick - bi-fold doors and air conditioning will bump up the price

We have been researching and comparing different sizes of garden room to give you an idea of price. The prices in our comparison include VAT. The figures below show the lowest & highest price we found listed and the average price of all the buildings we researched.

2.5m x 2.5m Garden Room

Prices Range: £5,500 to £12,750

Average Price: £9,308

3m x 2.5m Garden Room

Price Range: £6,500 to £16,500

Average Price: £10,900

3m x 3m Garden Room

Price Range: £11,400 to £19,500

Average Price: £13,500

3.5m x 3.5m Garden Room

Price Range: £12,600 to £25,600

Average Price: £16,308

4m x 3m Garden Room

Price Range: £13,200 to £24,500

Average Price: £17,557

5m x 4m Garden Room

Price Range: £17,500 to £31,400

Average Price: £20,816

Garden rooms with separate storage shed have become very popular after the last couple of years. These buildings are normally priced on a case by case basis as it depends on the size of the building and the division of the space. We did find a few prices for these buildings; they were all very closely priced:

5m x 3m Garden Room with Storage Shed

Average Price: £19,000

These prices are for modular garden room designs, but how much are you paying for bespoke garden room designs?

Bespoke garden room designs are normally priced by the square meter of floor space, so if you are looking to build a 4m x 3m garden room, you would be looking at 12sqm.

Prices vary widely for bespoke garden room designs. This is normally due to the core structure used - some bespoke designs use the same materials and techniques as used in modern housebuilding, others use more cost effective in-house designed timber frames. The designer features you can choose with bespoke design also have an impact on the price you pay.

You don't often find bespoke prices quoted on suppliers websites, but we asked designers to give us an idea of the price per sqm. As you can see they are wide ranging:

Bespoke Garden Room Prices

Bespoke prices are quoted by the square meter:

Price Range: £800 to £1,600 per sqm

Self-contained garden rooms are becoming very popular, whether they be a garden office with a toilet or a fully functional home in the garden for a relative.

A lot more work goes into these buildings and they really need to be priced on a case by case basis after a site survey has been carried out. We have however found some prices which you could use as a guide:

Self-contained Garden Annexes

Prices for granny annexes and the like are quoted by the square meter of the buildings footprint:

Price Range: £1,350 to £2,500 per sqm

In addition to the price, you pay for the actual garden room building you need to have some extra money in your budget for some common extra costs.

If you need to apply for Planning Permission to build your garden room, there will be an application fee to pay of around £170. There can also be extra fees to pay if Building Control approval is sought.

The most common extra expense when buying a garden room is engaging a local electrician to connect the garden rooms electrics to the mains supply and then test the circuit. This cost depends on how far your garden room is from the house as an armoured cable needs to be buried underground.

We have had quotes for connecting a garden room sited 25 meters from the house and then testing and certifying the system. These prices came in between £850 & £1,000 plus VAT.

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