Garden rooms can provide storage with purpose!

One of the most fantastic things about Garden Spaces garden rooms is the amount of versatility they have. In essence, they’re simply a stand-alone garden room, but they can be used as everything from art studio, music room, kids’ playroom, extra guest bedroom, home office, hobby space… the options are literally endless!

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Sometimes, however, certain practicalities have to be observed. Regardless of whether you’d love a home cinema or painting studio, if you have a smaller garden, you may not think you have space and so instead choose to install a shed to store things like tools, garden chairs and bikes.

You may be surprised to know that it doesn’t have to be this way! Garden Spaces have a range of ‘studios with storage’ which give you the best of both worlds. Families will always build up a collection of items, such as lawn strimmers and barbecues that are very useful but that get used rarely. It would be foolish to throw them away but it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the additional value to your family just for sake of storage.

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All Garden Spaces rooms are built to individual plans, which means that regardless of how much space you have available, there’s a suitable design available to meet your needs. By designing your garden room around whatever shape and space you have available and not using stock, pre-fabricated structures, the space is much more valuable and useful.

By building a studio with built in storage, it can automatically solve many needs that families have. For those requiring a playroom for young children, there can also be an attached storage space which holds the variety of indoor and outdoor play equipment. On summer days, the outdoor toys can be used in the garden and then safely put away so that the playroom can be used in more inclement weather.

For artists, the ability to have a dedicated outdoor space to paint, craft or create music can be extremely valuable to the creative process. The associated, well designed space that holds supplies, equipment, instruments and any number of other associated items means they don’t have to take up space in the house and are within easy reach of the room where the creativity flows.

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Home gyms are becoming ever more popular as a way of keeping up a healthy lifestyle and gym routine, but the stock gym equipment such as exercise bikes or weight benches aren’t the only equipment needed. Many items that are stored in sheds and garages up and down the land, such as kit bags, dumbbells and fitness balls could be given secure and dry storage right next to the home gym, to be used as needed.

Families will always have certain needs and one of those needs will always be storage! However, instead of using up attic or garage space putting away items that only get used infrequently, they can be put to much better use in a space where they are close at hand, ready to be used whenever they’re needed.

You can see more examples of Garden Spaces garden rooms with storage on their testimonials page.

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