Sanctum Garden Studios

This archive of articles looks at the work of Sanctum Garden Studios  who we first wrote about in March 2010.

Sanctum Garden Studios offer a bespoke design service for garden rooms from their Cedar clad Contemporary Range.

They also offer a two standard design ranges called the Hampton and the QuadPod which mix popular design features with an attractive price point.

Sanctum Garden Studios Chorley Flower Show

Garden office / gym combo

Sanctum Garden Studios customer recently sent through these images of his contemporary style garden office / gym combo that he had installed last year. It just shows that a garden room can have more than one use.


Bi-fold & sliding doors all the rage on garden rooms

Bi-fold and sliding doors are very popular with garden room buyers, and the suppliers offer them in various finishes so you have control over style and budget.

Garden Studio Built in 2 Days

Sanctum Garden Studios recently completed this contemporary garden studio, built in just two days!

Replace your garage with a garden room

How many of us put our car in the garage these days? Not many of us, and we are seeing a growing trend for homeowners to replace their tired garages with a new garden room that they will use everyday!

A garden room can transform a garden

Sanctum Garden Studios were recently contacted by a customer to create a contemporary garden room for them, but the project didn’t stop at the building they also commissioned a large shaped deck which has totally transformed the garden, creating new living spaces both inside and out.

Move out of the house to a garden office

When Headhunter Steven needed new office space he decided that a Stealth studio by Sanctum Garden Studios fitted the bill.

The Weaving Studio

Sanctum Garden Studios recently completed this contemporary garden room which is going to be used as a weaving studio.

What does cedar cladding look like as it ages?

Western red cedar cladding is a popular option on contemporary garden room buildings, but it is a material that if left unprotected will change colour as it ages creating a quite a different look.

Replace a shed with a garden room

Do you have a shed which is looking a little tired? Well you can easily replace it with a modern, fully insulated garden room, that will be a wonderful place to spend time.

Customer buys a second Sanctum Garden Studio

What do you do when you move house and leave your garden room behind – get on the phone and order another

A SMALL garden office

At 2.4m x 1.8m (8ft x 6ft) this has to be one of the smallest garden office designs we have featured!

A garden studio 2 years on

We feature lots of pictures of brand new garden rooms, but what do they look like as they age?

Sanctum Garden Studios have sent through details of this garden studio they installed in Preston 2 years ago.

A happy Sanctum Garden Studios customer

Sanctum Garden Studios built this 3.6m x 2.4m Contemporary Studio with plastered and painted interior, bespoke overhanging roof and French doors last summer.

A garden office that doesn’t take up the whole garden

Balancing the need for a garden office with the demands of family life can be tricky, and some buyers are concerned that a garden office will dominate their garden and not leave any room to sit, or for the children to play.

Garden studio on difficult site

A site with difficult access would put some companies off, but not Sanctum Garden Studios!

Home gym is a Sanctum in the garden

Hot on the heels of completing a music studio in the garden, the Sanctum Garden Studios team have recently completed this home gym building.

Bespoke Music Studio

Sanctum Garden Studios recently created a music studio for one of their clients with sound insulation features

A garden room can fit in the tightest of spots

Only got a small area for a garden room? Well, this recent build by Sanctum Garden Studios just show that a useable space can be created in the smallest of areas.

Garden Rooms Make Great Home Cinemas

One of the long list of possible uses for a garden room is as a home cinema, no more queuing at your local cinema as the latest blockbuster awaits at the bottom of the garden! Many garden room suppliers have built garden rooms for use as home cinemas and a few actually offer cinema packages with all the latest equipment you’ll need.

Bespoke design comes into its own in a tight space

There are lots of great standard garden room designs on the market, but there are times when bespoke design is called for, particularly if you have an unusual shaped plot!

You can create a garden room even in a small garden

Recently we have had a few people contact The Garden Room Guide saying “is my garden too small for a garden room?” We always say don’t write the idea off, its amazing what the talented bunch of garden room designers we feature on this site can come up with, even on the smallest of footprints!

Garden Room Becomes Cool Venue

Well this is a first on The Garden Room Guide, we have always known that the garden room concept was versitile, but this recent build by Sanctum Garden Studios shows just how versitle being used as a lounge area at a trendy bar!

Designing Your Own Garden Room

Have you got idea of how you want your garden room to look and work? Well, garden room suppliers are always happy to hear them and work with you to create your ‘perfect’ garden room

The Need For Planning Permission Can Be A Benefit

Many prospective garden room buyers are put off the idea if they find they need to apply for planning permission, but it needn’t be a stressful, time consuming process as your supplier will handle it for you, and applying for planning permission may just mean you get a better garden room than you first thought