Swift Garden Rooms

This archive of articles looks at the work of Swift Garden Rooms, one of the most experienced names in bespoke garden room design. We first featured their work in 2011, so there is lots to explore in this archive!

The Swift team are not afraid to push the design envelope, creating buildings with striking features tailored to their customer’s needs and tastes.

Over the years the Swift team have built everything from home offices through to self-contained homes in the garden. They also create modern SIP’s  commercial buildings.

You might find this gallery of Swift’s projects interesting.

Off-the-shelf or Bespoke?

Is an off the shelf garden room or bespoke garden room best for you? This guest post by Swift will help you decide

Swift are nominated building excellence award

There are some great designers and craftsmen in the garden room industry, and it’s exciting when they are recognised for their talents. The Swift Organisation, whose garden rooms we regularly feature on this guide, have been nominated for a Building Excellence award

Swift the future of garden rooms

The house of the future will include a garden room, but what will it look like? How can you future proof a garden room you buy today so its still fit for purpose in 20 plus years time? Swift Garden Rooms offer some insight

A Swift Garden Room Solution for a Small Garden

Creating a successful garden room project in a small garden can be a challenge; Swift Garden Rooms showcase their experience in such cases

Swift Garden Rooms ….. Each one is as special as you are.

Swift Garden Rooms explain the benefits of bespoke garden room design in their latest guest post.

Will my Garden Room still thrill me in 10 years time?

A garden room is a big investment and its important that you will be as happy with your garden room in 10 years time as you are today as bespoke garden room designers Swift explain.

Homeowners Fight Market Slump with “Swift” Home Away from Home

In a guest blog Swift Garden Rooms talk about the benefits of a detached home extension.

5 Minutes with Swift

In the hot seat today for our 5 minute question and answer session is Swift.

A custom made Garden Studio that transforms a limited space for the artistic owner

A successful artist needs more space and we were delighted to fill the available space with an unusually shaped and highly effective garden room.

Swift Garden Rooms

Swift have built up an impressive portfolio of garden room builds, each one is unique as it has been tailored to the customers individual site, needs and tastes.