SMART Garden Rooms, Offices & Studios

This archive of articles looks at the work of SMART Garden Rooms, Offices & Studios. They are one of the biggest suppliers of garden rooms in the UK, manufacturing their different designs in their Suffolk workshops. SMART Garden Rooms, Offices & Studios currently offer seven ranges in a mix of traditional pitched roof designs and contemporary designs which feature floor to ceiling glazing. Each range is available in 60+ sizes with lots of options to personalise to your needs.

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Garden office design tailored to the customers needs

We look at how Smart Garden Offices and their customer worked together to create a room that worked as a professional office and a garden retreat.


Smart Garden Rooms & Offices

The images in this article show how versatile the Smart Garden Offices range is and how much flexibility you have over the layout and finish of the buildings.

Fully fitted garden office

Make full use of your garden office space by kitting it out properly. Smart Garden Offices can design-in furniture to create both work and leisure areas.

Smart Garden Gym

We are having to eat our words with this post, we have been known to say that suppliers who offer standard designs don’t have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to customising their designs, and that if you want a garden room tailored to your individual needs you need to go down the bespoke design route, but we were wrong!

Smart New Range

Smart Garden Offices have been teasing us for weeks about their new range of garden room, and we have to say we’re not disappointed now we see it!