Executive Garden Rooms

This archive of articles looks at the work of Executive Garden Rooms who offer a bespoke design service. Executive Garden Rooms provide their buildings on a turnkey basis meaning that they work with you from start to finish. This service includes handling any planning permission and building control applications, the installation of the foundation and groundworks and connections to the services.

Executive Garden Rooms design buildings from small home offices through to multi-room, self-contained garden annexes. They use a palette of materials which have low maintenance needs.

Executive Garden Rooms focus their work in the South of England.

The garden bedroom has a section of wrap around glazing

Garden bedroom with en suite

Highly insulated garden bedroom with en-suite shower room by Executive Garden Rooms. The turnkey service included obtaining both planning permission & building control approval.

The 5.5m x 3.5m garden office houses several uses under the one roof

Garden office with hidden storage areas

The beauty of working with a bespoke designer is that a one-off building can be created to cater for your specific needs. In this case, a garden office with shower room and inside and outside hidden storage areas.

The open plan room is big enough for a double bed and seating area

Guest bedroom in the garden

Creating an extra bedroom is a popular use for garden rooms. Families are finding that building a bedroom with en-suite facilities in the garden, is a quicker and cost-effective alternative to actually extending the house.

Internal walls have been created to divide the building into two rooms and a cloakroom

Two room garden room with cloakroom

You are not limited to one room when building a garden room. It is relatively easy to divide a building up to serve more than one use. Bespoke designers, Executive Garden Rooms offer this service to their clients. Starting with a blank sheet and designing the building and its internal layout around their customers intended uses.

Music room at the end of the garden

Garden music room with soundproof features

Executive Garden Rooms designed and built this 4m x 4m music room at the end of their clients garden. The music room incorporates soundproofing features including resilient bars to reduce vibrations and noise transmission. They can also enhance sound quality within the room.

The roof has an overhang just on two sides so it can sit tight to the boundary

A garden room to both work & relax in

This 4.6m x 3.8m building by Executive Garden Rooms has been designed as a place to work and spend time relaxing. It has been designed to sit in the corner of the garden with lots of glazing to create a great inside/outside connection.

The kitchenette includes integrated appliances

Garden annexe gives a son his independence

We often talk about granny annexes in the garden, but they are equally appropriate for younger relatives looking for independence. At £1500 per sqm, this 8m x 5m self-contained annexe was a third of the cost of buying a similar size flat.

Multi use garden room

Large multifunction garden room

Executive Garden Rooms designed and built this large multifunctional room. Sited within 1 meter of a boundary, it has been clad in Cedral weatherboarding to ensure Building Control compliance.

Shower rooms are becoming a popular addition to a garden room

Executive Garden Room with shower room

It is becoming increasingly popular to incorporate toilets or full shower rooms into a garden room building. Executive Garden Rooms will install a full shower room and handle the connections to the mains services.

The garden annexe has a well equipped kitchen with high gloss units

7m x 5m Contemporary garden annexe

This one bedroom annexe with ensuite shower room has a spacious main living room that includes a well-equipped kitchen. The turnkey project cost less than £1,500 per sqm.

Home in the garden 2.5 years on

Spacious home in the garden works well for everyone

A look around a self-contained garden annexe by Executive Garden Rooms that we first explored two and a half years ago.

2.7m high garden room

2.7m high garden room with integral storage

This bespoke garden room has an overall height of 2.7m as opposed to the more common 2.5m. It also has a handy integral storage room at the rear.

The garden room pre landscaping

Multi purpose garden room with shower room

Executive Garden Rooms were asked by their clients in Crawley to design and build a bespoke garden room that could be used for several purposes. To ensure that the room was as flexible as possible in its use, a shower room was also created.

Kitchen in a granny annexe

Self contained garden annexe

A one bedroom self-contained garden annexe by Executive Garden Rooms. The annexe features well-specified kitchen & shower room was built as a turnkey project.

Light an airy garden gym building

Garden gym with cassette toilet

This spacious garden gym building has a cassette toilet in the cloakroom. Cassette toilets an economical way of installing a toilet into a garden room, removing the need and costs of extensive groundworks.

Acoustic insulation has been incorporated into this garden room

Luxury music room in the garden

This garden room has been divided into three rooms, the main space housing a grand piano. Acoustic insulation has been incorporated into the design to make it soundproof

One person granny annexe

One person granny annexe

Granny annexes don’t have to be big buildings to create a functional new home. This example sits on a modest footprint of 6m x 4m and has created the perfect one person home.

The new room pre final landscaping

Insulation in an Executive Garden Room

Executive Garden Rooms use impressive amounts of PIR insulation in their bespoke garden room designs, for instance, 140mm in the walls.

Highly insulated garden room-1

Highly insulated garden room

The garden rooms we feature on this site are all insulated for year round use, but this recent build by Executive Garden Rooms is one of the most highly insulated we have seen.


Beauty studio slots into the corner of the garden

Garden rooms are becoming a popular option with beauty therapists who are looking to create a professional workspace at home but create a clear distinction between work and home zones.


Foundation design allows garden room to be built on a slope

Executive Garden Studios were tasked with building a garden room on a slope which might have been considered tricky by some. But with foundation design it was easily overcome.


Garden annexe for elderly parents

Executive Garden Rooms recently completed this 12 meter x 5 meter garden annexe for clients in Camberley who wanted to create a home at the end of the garden for their elderly parents. The customer wanted to create a home for their parents that allowed them to live independently while having family support on hand when they need it

Large Garden Office by Executive Garden Rooms-1

Large Garden Office

Executive Garden Rooms have recently completed a large garden office for their clients to work from home in. At 6.4 meters x 5.5 meters this is a sizeable office creating just over 35 square meters of work space.

Compact Granny Annexe by Executive Garden Rooms-4

Compact Granny Annexe

Executive Garden Rooms are building up quite a portfolio of granny annexe buildings. This recent build is one of the smaller ones they have designed, sitting on a footprint of just 21.5 square meters.