eDEN Garden Rooms

This archive of articles looks at the work of bespoke design specialists eDEN Garden Rooms. We first featured eDEN Garden Rooms work in 2011, and from the get-go, they were challenging the boundaries of garden room design. They have distilled this spirit and their years of experience into the design of their eDEN Classic, eDEN eDGE and eDEN Hub ranges.

eDEN Garden Rooms offer a turnkey service, meaning they work with you on every element from initial design to internal decoration.

In April 2020, in response to the demand for high-spec small garden offices, the eDEN team launched their eDEN Hub range which can be installed in three days.

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eDEN Garden Rooms focus their work on London and the South East of England.


Garden room with eco toilet

We are seeing a growing trend for garden rooms with toilet facilities, but sometimes the cost of connecting the plumbing to the mains sewerage is prohibitive. There is another solution a eco toilet!

A garden office can fit into the tightest of spaces

eDEN Garden Rooms have recently completed this garden office on what might be the tightest plot we’ve seen!

Transforming an unused patch with a garden room

We’ve all got areas in our garden that are unused and unloved, but they would make the perfect location for a garden room, as was the case for a recent eDEN Garden Rooms client.

How can you tell if this garden office is well insulated?

If you took a trip to this garden office in London you would find it warm and cosy, even with this week’s extreme temperatures. The office is heated by underfloor heating and is providing a comfortable ambient heat. However a warm room doesn’t tell you that the office is well insulated, even though it is a good indicator!

Garden working beside the sea

Trendy office space with no commute – the perfect work environment created by eDEN Garden Rooms.

eDEN Garden Beauty

Garden rooms make a great place to run a business, in this case a modern beauty studio with lots of contemporary features.

Garden Office Combined With Shed Storage

eDEN Garden Rooms explain how they can design beautiful, functional garden offices with practical storage included.

Music Studio in the Garden

A music studio in the garden is a realistic option thanks to the high levels of acoustic insulation that can be used. eDen Garden Rooms tell us about this recent build.

Maximising space in City gardens

Space in city gardens is often at a premium, so you need to make the most of it, this build from eDEN Garden Rooms incoporates a garden office and storage shed area under one roof – it looks much better than a shed too!

Turning small gardens into useable office, storage and gardening space

Guest Post from eDEN Garden Rooms talking about how to maximise space with a small garden room