Crusoe Garden Rooms

This archive looks at the work of Crusoe Garden Rooms. We have been writing about their buildings since 2014. Crusoe Garden Rooms offer a number of designs which can be tailored around your garden and intended use.

The Crusoe team mix large expanses of floor to ceiling glazing with Cedar cladding to create contemporary style garden rooms

As well as these articles, you might want to look at this gallery of their garden room builds, it is very popular!

Cedar garden room

Cedar garden room appropriately in Cedar Road

This compact cedar garden room slots alongside the house, which rather appropriately is in Cedar Road.

Deluxe Garden Room

Deluxe garden room 2 years on

It’s always interesting for us to see pictures of garden rooms we featured a few years ago, to see how they have aged and nestled into their garden surroundings.


Crusoe Garden Rooms testimonials

Reading feedback about a past customers experience working with a garden room supplier should be part of your research when buying a garden room. Suppliers like Crusoe Garden Rooms make this easy by having an extensive testimonial section on their website.

Solar power for garden rooms

Solar power for garden rooms

If you are considering the idea of a solar powered garden room, you need to read this valuable information from a Crusoe Garden Rooms customer who has a solar powered garden room.

Solar powered garden room

Solar powered garden room

Crusoe Garden Rooms have recently completed this garden room in Durham which is solar powered. We haven’t featured many solar powered garden buildings on this site, so its nice to see how a good sized garden room can be powered by one small panel.

Crusoe Garden Rooms-7

Video shows the versatility of Crusoe Garden Rooms

This new video shows the versatility in the types of garden room that Crusoe Garden Rooms build.

Not one but two Crusoe Garden Rooms-3

Not one but two Crusoe Garden Rooms

Crusoe Garden Rooms tell us about a customer who was so pleased with his garden room that he ordered another – you have to agree, that this says a lot!

Garden Rooms For Business-3

‘Don’t waste money renting space, create your own….’!

A garden room makes a great place to run a business from. Crusoe Garden Rooms show us some garden rooms they have built for clients who run a business from home.

Crusoe Garden Rooms 8

Garden Room Lighting

Crusoe Garden Rooms tell us how different forms of lighting can be incorporated into their garden rooms

Bifold doors on a garden room-6

Garden rooms with bifold doors

Garden rooms with bi-fold doors have been around for a few years now, but in the last 12 months Crusoe Garden Rooms have seen a surge in requests for this luxury design feature.

Bespoke Garden Rooms by Crusoe Garden Rooms 1

Garden rooms from drawing board to reality…

Great article by Crusoe Garden Rooms which explains what bespoke garden room design means.

Garden Room With Shower Room 3

Garden room with shower room

Garden rooms with shower rooms are very popular with buyers looking to create self contained living space. This one by Crusoe Garden Rooms is a particularly nice example.

Image from Vintage Street Addict

His and Hers Garden Studios

This build shows how a garden room can be tailored to your needs. Crusoe Garden Rooms have created a sewing room and music room under one roof each with its own entrance.


Crusoe Garden Rooms – How it all began…

As they build their 100th garden room Crusoe Garden Rooms tell us about how they got started and the service they offer.


Good lighting extends the use of a garden room

Don’t overlook exterior lighting in your garden room design, its not only practical but really extends the use of a garden room.


Transform an old garage with a garden room

We’ve written many times about garden rooms attached to the house creating a modern extension, but this is the first time we have seen a garden room extension on a garage.


Beauty studio created in garden room

A garden room can great a great premises for a new business. Crusoe Garden Rooms have worked with their customer to create a modern, professional beauty studio.

Compact Garden Room

The Compact Range from Crusoe Garden Rooms offers lots of popular design features on a small footprint. In addition Crusoe can tailor the standard specification to your needs.

Crusoe Garden Rooms

We’re surprised that we haven’t featured Crusoe Garden Rooms on this guide before, after all they have built around 50 buildings throughout the UK, we actually found them by searching for Garden Rooms on eBAY!