Booths Garden Studios

This archive of articles looks at the work of Booths Garden Studios. Booths are one of the UK’s biggest garden room manufacturers. They install their garden rooms all over the UK.

They have developed a modular system that allows them to create garden rooms of all sizes from compact designs to larger self-contained buildings that can be lived in.

Booths Garden Studios are designed to be maintenance-free and come with a 25-year guarantee.

The Booths Garden Studios team have made lots of short videos showcasing different features of their buildings, they are well worth exploring.


Artists Studio Just Slots Into The Garden

This Booths Garden Studio just slots into the customers established garden and looks like it was always meant to be.

Independent living thanks to a granny annexe

Garden room designer Alex Booth has built a granny annexe in his own garden. This video takes a look around and discusses what its like to live in a granny annexe.

Garden room designer creates a granny annexe in his own garden

What does a garden room designer do when an elderly relative needs a new home – well they design them a granny annexe of course!

Building Regulation Compliant Garden Rooms

Booths Garden Studios keep honing the design of their QC range of garden rooms, and have recently launched the QC6 model which is Building Regulation Compliant.

Brick or timber building or a Booths Garden Studio?

Wondering if a brick or timber garden room is right for you, why think of a third option – a Booths Garden Studio! Booths Garden Studios have many benefits such as being maintenance free for twenty five years, they are also quick to build with a typical studio being able to be built in just a day!

Garden Room On A Difficult Site

Booths Garden Studios have recently completed this garden room build on what could be considered a difficult site.

Teenagers den in the garden

Every parent of teenage children knows they want their ‘own’ space where they can entertain friends and escape the adults, and a garden room at the bottom of the garden is an ideal way of creating a teenage den!