You can always get Extra Room in a small garden

Continuing our look at garden rooms for small gardens we chat with Extra Rooms who thanks to their bespoke design can create highly useable garden rooms in small gardens

Some readers fear that their garden is too small for a garden room, tell us about your experiences of creating garden room solutions for small spaces, please give an example:

There is always space there but the actual shape left available is irregular or not rectangular and for many companies making rectangular buildings only, this is an insurmountable problem.

However if the building can be built to run parallel to the boundaries then either a viable building appears or one with a lot more space than it would otherwise have had.

The first photo show this as the building was going to have to be 10ft by 10ft if it had to be rectangular and fit in on the patio but in fact we were ab;le to make it 10ft by14 ft by 16ft by 18ft which is what happens when you have a large acute triangle added to a 10ft by 10ft shape, and it becomes an altogether different building and of a useful size whereas for the purposes required the square building would not have been adequate.

see the thumbnails below the main picture here,

This we have also done with a space between a garage at an angle and a house which only left triangular area, but we built the studio to occupy the whole area.

Again a rectangular alternative would not have been sufficient for the purposes as it would have only provided less than half the space that emerged in the finished building.

So matching the unusual angles of many boundaries and occupying the remaining shape has to be the most efficient way to provide space when it is at a premium.

We have also built many others with only a couple of walls square but in all cases a lot of extra space is created and there are no wasted triangles of space left around the building, nothing is wasted.

Project Size: Various different lengths of walls as the buildings were not uniform, from 10ft to 22ft in one building

Project Cost: Both were 13K plus vat as it happens

Choosing the right position for a garden room in a small garden can be critical, what would you recommend buyers consider when choosing a location for their garden room?

Far away as possible normally works best in order to keep home life and work life as separate as possible and half way down at one side is the worst as you lose too much view of your garden and in effect reduce its size by half

Readers are concerned that a garden room might dominate or overpower a small garden, how do you design your garden rooms to prevent this?

Many are blended into the background by matching the colours of the hedges or fences by staining the exterior claddings as appropriate to match the individual background colours of the particular garden it is in, this has the largest effect, otherwise cutting the studio into the ground a little if the topography allows, ( making sure not to place the building in a sump).

Some readers are concerned that because they only have a small site they have will have to forgo the on-trend features like full length windows, living roofs, under floor heating etc – is this the case?

We have yet to do one exact duplicate even after many hundreds of studios so we are geared up and habitually used to providing anything required at any size or shape, none of the above presents a problem to us, we could provide all those features in a studio the size of a phone box if required.

When designing a small garden room what features would you recommend or include maximising the space?

Firstly, outward opening or sliding doors so as not to have to allow space for the door or doors to intrude inwards. High shallow windows on the back wall to balance the light from the front and yet leave space for filing cabinets etc.

Realistically what is the smallest usable garden room space?

Large enough to house a comfortable office chair and a desk large enough to place a laptop and some A4 papers, with shelves on all available walls except on the wall facing the desk, 5ft square could achieve this easily, even less if necessary

Access can be a problem in smaller gardens; do you have measures in place to overcome access problems?

Craning is an expensive option so we build in panel form and if necessary we can reduce the size of the panels and make them much smaller in order to pass through the house but it does add to the cost.

What is your top tip for those looking to buy a small garden room?

If it is not properly plastered it cannot give a real room feel or be painted easily to freshen it up or it just feels like a shed or the inside of a fridge if it is just melamine with cover strips over the wall joints, so get a proper cavity wall which is well insulated and make sure it is properly plastered inside and before you commit, walk around inside one

If you would like Extra Rooms to create a garden room for you – big or small give them a call on 01159 899 555 or visit

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