Will my Garden Room still thrill me in 10 years time?

A garden room is a big investment and its important that you will be as happy with your garden room in 10 years time as you are today as bespoke garden room designers Swift explain:

How do you know that the garden room you have chosen is going to live up to “what it says on the tin?”   In this relatively new concept for creating more space, you want to be sure that the product will reflect the promise.  It is a little bit like the influence of electric cars on the motor industry; it all sounds great, but will it work, or will it leave you stranded, disappointed and out of pocket?

Garden rooms are a fabulous way of creating much desired space. Why? Well here are just a few popular reasons why Swift clients choose them:

  • They can often be built without the need for time and money expenditure on planning and building regulations (beware… this lack of regulation can produce risks too).
  • When properly designed, they really do create another dimension to the space at your home.
  • When built properly they are every bit as long-lasting and robust as any other element of your home.
  • They are a high quality and speedy way of extending your living space.

The concept is great and your rewards for this investment can be huge.  So how do you make sure that your money is well spent?

Swift is in the business of designing and building such “detached extensions” so I make no apology for highlighting the areas of our operation that I believe are crucial to your decision.  You see, we have started our business by setting out our values.  I want to be able to bump into my clients in any circumstance and be sure that we are both pleased to meet each other.  The fact that we also share dinners, drinks and even weekends with a few clients (who are now called friends!) is just a wonderful bonus!  This is possible because of a mutual desire to have a superb quality building that ticks more boxes than originally expected.

What are the key points that will make your project a total success?

  • Is the building an adaptation to try and satisfy your requirements or is it designed entirely to fit your desires?
  • Is the structure capable of sailing through building regulations, even if they are not required? (Although often moaned about, building regs are there to ensure safety, eco-responsibility and longevity).
  • Are the installers properly trained and qualified to build this complex project, including the roof, the drains, the main structure and services?  (For example, the EPDM roofing membrane used on many garden rooms is only properly warranted when the installers are product trained).
  • Does your installer have an insurance backed warranty scheme that is reliable and gives you the length of covered period that you expect from your investment?  5 Years is good, but 10 years is what you expect from a new house or substantial extension.
  • Do you have fun planning the project, finding out ways of making it really special and personal to you?  Do you enjoy the whole process and feel relaxed that everything will be dealt with professionally and effectively?

Swift have a brand promise: “To delight with truly inspired environments.”    We have a select range of values that enable us to reach this desired outcome – the most important one being that we believe in strong and genuine relationships.

When you consider how best to satisfy your needs for a more living, working, or educational space, then you can be reassured by following these tips and guides which form part of the ethical foundations of The Swift Organisation.  Enjoy your new project!

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