Why build a garden gym

When it comes to going to the gym, opinion is generally divided between two camps, love it or hate it. Those in the pro camp enjoy going, make the time to go a few times a week and easily get their subscription monies worth. But for those not a fan it can be difficult, intentions are made but the dread of going makes motivation difficult and can result in an expensive non-starter.

Installing a gym at home is an ideal solution, but one that many overlook due to space and cost restraints. Imagine not having to drive to the gym, no queues for equipment, no one else’s music blearing and the ability to work out whenever you please. It doesn’t have to be a dream…

There’s no need to lose space in your home in order to install a gym, extending your home with a garden room is a cost-effective solution which will easily pay for itself in the long term.


By taking the time to have a garden room designed specifically, you can ensure you get the perfect solution. You can choose to have wi-fi and TV’s installed in order to distract you from the treadmill, opt for bi-fold doors to open the space up to the outside world or build a space big enough for two to work out together – saving twice the gym fees!

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There’s something much more serene about working out in your garden too, the fresh air, peace and quiet and solitude makes for a totally different workout to the one you’d get in a packed gym.


The ability to choose exactly when you work out is a huge bonus and can result in you exercising much more often. Without the need to leave the house, you can ‘head to the gym’ once the children are asleep, before you start a night shift or at the crack of dawn before anyone else is a wake. No longer do you need to stick to the gym’s timetable or worry about whether any equipment will be free at peak times.


It’s also entirely up to you what equipment you have in there and where it’s positioned. Some people opt for a treadmill or exercise bike right in the window, so they get the feeling of running or cycling outdoors, you may like a weights section hidden at the back so no one can see you or you may opt for a yoga area for a more relaxing workout.

Décor and finishes are your choice too, there’s no need to add a wall of mirrors if you’d prefer not too and you might like to add your favourite motivational quotes to the walls, for that extra bit of inspiration.

Shared space

Of course, your garden gym doesn’t have to be a gym 24/7; it could be a dual-purpose room for the whole family. Garden rooms can be big enough to accommodate many options – perhaps adding a playroom so the children can occupy themselves whilst you workout is the perfect solution for your family. Or you may like to add storage to take some of the strain off the cupboards in your home.

Garden gym and office - Sevenoaks, Kent

Garden gym and office – Sevenoaks, Kent

As you can see, the freedom and options you get by installing a garden room gym are endless, putting an end to the dreaded trip to the gym.

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