Which roof shape will suite your garden office?

Like people, garden offices come in all shapes and sizes, and the style of roof chosen will have a significant effect on the appearance and feel of your garden office.

Flat Roof

Flat roofed garden office by Pod Space

Flat roof garden offices have become very popular over recent years because they often don’t need planning permission, because the overall building height is less than 2500mm high. A flat roof give a garden office a contemporary feel and are often covered with performance EPDM rubber membranes, living roof coverings such as sedums or turf or in some cases a coated metal roof covering.

On the downside a flat roofed garden room looses the extra headroom and airy feel that other roof styles such as a gabled or hipped roof can offer.

Flat roof garden offices are available from the following suppliers: Booths Garden Studios , Pod Space , Smart Garden Offices , Vivid Green

Gable Roof

Garden office with gable roof by Vivid Green

The traditional shaped roof of many homes, consisting of two equally pitched sides the ‘gable’ is the triangular portion of wall at each end. Garden offices with a gable roof are normally more traditional in design than flat roofed garden offices and often have roof coverings such as asphalt shingles, cedar shingles, clay tiles or slates. A garden office with a gable roof has a light and airy feel as the roof is often left open into the room ‘cathedral’ like.

Gable roof garden offices are available from the following suppliers: The Home Office Company , Vivid Green

Hipped Roof

Hipped roof garden office by Courtyard Designs

Hipped roofs are normally four sided and all the slopes run from the eaves of the garden office to a central point. Hipped roofs are normally found on traditional style garden offices and are an aesthetically pleasing feature both externally and internally. Internally a hipped roof creates a vaulted ceiling which provides the garden office with a light and airy feel, while externally a well built hipped roof is a thing of beauty.

Hipped roof garden offices are available from the following suppliers: Booths Garden Studios , Courtyard Designs , Garden Haze ,Homelodge , Maison d’etre Properties , Vivid Green

Curved Roof

Curved roof garden office by Tor Garden Buildings

A development of the flat roofed garden office is a curved roof. A curved roof creates an elegant and unusual roof line on a garden office. Curved roofs are normally covered with a living roof covering, and the curved form showcases this attractive roof covering off to its full potential – better even than a flat roof where the planting is often only visible from an upstairs window or by the very tall!

Curved roof garden offices are available from the following suppliers: Tor Garden Buildings

So, how do you decide which roof style to chose? A lot depends on personal taste, but if you have a hipped roof on your home a hipped roof garden office maybe the most complementary, but on the other hand a starkly modern flat roofed garden office can contrast well with an ancient thatched cottage!

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