When Bespoke actually costs you less

Interesting blog by Swift, looking at how a bespoke design garden room can cost you less in the long run:

Do you associate the term “Bespoke” with the thoughts of high costs and a drawn out processes?

Are you interested in the best possible return for your investment?

Let’s talk……

Swift’s production facility contains racks of SIP panels, timbers, fixings, cables and tools… but nothing that is cut to size and ready for a “standard” garden room.  Not one of the dozens of buildings we have ever installed has been the same as another one, because we manufacture to order.  Your order… based upon a building that is exactly right for your location, your tastes and your budget.

We aim to give you the best possible value. Assuming that you seek a high quality building that will give you years of reliable and impressive service, Swift’s approach makes a lot of sense.  For example …. creating a building that is precisely the right size for your needs makes sure that you are not paying for any excess building materials and installation costs for a room that is a little too large.  What if you have a large work desk or piano, etc and would like a recess or section of wall with a high level window above … easy, and saving compromise and adjustment later. Maybe you wish for excellent sound insulation…. let us design this into your building, saving the expensive alternative of after-market products.

Some clients would like to have entertainment systems in their garden room or garden studio…. even if you are not sure about your exact choices, we can conceal speaker cables, power sources and connections which save you the expense and unsightly evidence of post-fitting such systems.   Maybe external landscaping is part of your wishes … we will either work with your chosen contractor or bring in our own professional and qualified consultant to inspire you.  Then we will dovetail all the works to maximise efficiency and minimise waste and expense.

What about the quality?  The same craftsmen who manufacture each individual part of your new building in the factory are responsible for its installation.   These people are vastly experienced in this field and are totally solution-focussed and hard working…. That’s how we have received coveted membership of the Federation of Master Builders.

So, can a Bespoke garden room really cost you less?  We believe so, because bespoke means getting it right for you in the first place;  saving waste wherever possible.  As we are equipped with systems to facilitate that process, it will not cost you more.

Finally, and just as important is the return upon your investment.  Emotionally you will enjoy a building that is exactly as you dreamed of, with no compromises and the satisfaction of the little (or large) touches that set it apart from the rest.  Financially, the 10 year warranty and build quality will minimise the need for any further expense.  When you eventually sell your home, your buyers are more likely to share your enthusiasm and appreciate the extra accommodation that you can legitimately offer.

Why accept what is on the shelf…. go for the tailor-made approach and see it happen, quickly, before your eyes.

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