What’s the difference between a conservatory and a garden room?

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The conservatory extension has proved very popular here in the UK for many years and some of you will have come across the orangery that is comparable. However, there is another similar type of extension that is becoming increasingly well known perhaps as a result of the property design and renovation programs that we see on a daily basis on our TV screens. It is called a garden room.

So, let us spend a little time looking at the difference between a conservatory and a garden room.

Having said that, the conservatory probably doesn’t need much of an explanation so we will be brief in covering it. After all, if you look out of your bedroom window in your house, you are almost certainly going to see a conservatory fixed to the back of someone’s property.

The conservatory is often completely glazed with either full-length glass walls right down to the floor or you do find some with a brick dwarf wall with the glass panels on top. In addition, a conservatory will have a roof that is glazed in some form of material but the key thing is that it is transparent.

The garden room tends to be part glazed in one of many different configurations and it will come with a tiled roof. The structure can either be built against the main property or on a stand-alone basis in your garden. Conservatories are, almost without exception, attached to your property.

Because a conservatory is usually fully glazed it can get rather hot in the summer and chilly in the winter unless you invest in such things as air conditioning and heating. A garden room, because less glazing materials are used in its construction, does not tend to over-heat on warm summers’ days nor get as cold in the winter as they are better insulated.

As the roof on a garden room tends to be tiled using the same tiles as those that are on your main property’s roof, it blends in making it feel a more natural addition to the home. It also creates that feeling of being more substantial than a conservatory that will last a lifetime although most conservatories actually end up doing this. The garden room will not be as bright inside as a conservatory due to, for one thing, having a tiled roof.

With regard to the cost, you are likely to pay more for a garden room than a conservatory although this need not always be the case.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the differences between a conservatory and a garden room.

Author: Sandy Harper is a UK based entrepreneur writing For Follow Sandy Harper on Twitter @hqconservatory


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