What to consider when making a garden games room

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Whether you’re an avid pool player, video games enthusiast or maybe a an old-fashioned wargamer, having a space of your own is a particularly attractive prospect. Often there is no space in the house for anything large like a pool table or table football, or it could just be that you want to get away from the noise, especially if you have a big family, and wind down for an hour or two in your own little world.

Consider Space

Garden rooms are fantastic for this type of conundrum, and there are many suppliers who will do the hard work and set up the room itself for you, leaving you to populate it will all of your favourite things. But remember, you’re going to need a lot of space if you want a table tennis or pool table set-up so do keep this in mind when searching for a room. Generally 6m x 3.5-4m is a perfect size to accommodate a table. However, if you just want to kick back with some board or computer games, then space isn’t particularly an issue and you can just as easily go for a smaller build.

The Light Factor

Like any garden room, you need to be mindful of light, both natural and synthetic. As this will probably be a place where you relax in the evening after a hard day at work, you will want west-facing windows to take advantage of the dying light. Of course, when the sun goes down, the indoor lights come on. Invest in some soft wall lights that give the room a relaxing ambiance and don’t forget to keep a couple of torches handy just in case of a short.

Get Comfy

You’re going to need something comfortable to sit on, either while you’re playing a videogame or waiting for your turn on the pool table. A five-seater corner sofa is ideal if you’re going to be having friends around for a table football or darts tournament, but if you’re planning on being a little more solitary, a nice comfy easy chair works well, perhaps with a beanbag for any visitor that pops through the door.

Floor-wise, laminate or hardwood is the easiest to install and it can withstand wear and tear over many years. Plus, if you’re enjoying a drink with your friends, it’s much easier to clean up spills on hard floor as opposed to carpet. However, don’t forget to get a rug or two to place near the chairs so you have something soft to put your feet on.

Other Considerations

You should also think about sound-proofing you’re going be be either a) turning the TV up loud, or b) having a rowdy group of friends over. It’s no fun for your neighbours if you have a game blaring in the dead of night, so cancelling noise may be an issue. Some companies like Green Rooms UK custom build sound-proof rooms, or if you want to keep it low-budget, you could always invest in some acoustic dampening sheets.

Don’t clutter up your room. Not many people can relax when there’s no space, plus you want to minimise fire hazards, so only take in what you’re going to use. This could be a TV, console, pool table and a selection of books.

Security is another issue, as you’re probably going to have some quite expensive stuff in your games room. Choose tough glass and make sure doors have locks on. You should also think about outdoor lights and an alarm, in case of intruders.

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