What is a garden room?

Oh, a garden room, it’s just a posh shed, isn’t it. This is a statement we have heard a lot over the years. The garden rooms we feature on this site are far from a shed, even posh ones. They are high-quality buildings that are being used to run businesses from, have become spaces for people to pursue a hobby and in other instances a self-contained home for a relative to live in.

While a garden room might sit in your garden in the spot where a shed might otherwise sit, you need to be clear that what you are buying is more akin to a small timber frame house. There are several building systems used in garden room design. Some are the same as those used in modern housebuilding; others are custom designed for material efficiency and speed of installation. Whatever system you choose they are all going to create a highly insulated building that can be used all year round.

You work directly with the garden room manufacturer

When buying a garden room, you will work directly with a garden room designer / manufacturer. This means you form a close relationship that allows you to have a lot of input into the layout of your building and the materials and finishes used. You work with one firm from initial meeting through to the installation of the building (although you often have to engage a local electrician to perform the final electrical connection) which makes buying a garden room one of the most hassle-free ways of extending your home.

Service like this sounds expensive, right? But, that is not necessarily the case. Compact designs with a limited palette of customisation options can be fully installed for just under £6,000. Of course, as you go bigger in size and get carried away with designer features the price does go upwards.

Modular or bespoke design

There are basically two ways to buy a garden room. Often your quickest option is to work with a supplier who offers some standard styles of room which you can customise by mixing different modules together to create your ideal configuration. You have a lot of flexibility with these systems and because you are mixing and matching standard modules you can create a garden room at a great price point. You can find a list of modular garden room designers who work in your area here.

If however you have an unusual site, have a specific design in mind or just want something unique, then a bespoke design is the route you need to take. We know the word bespoke conjures up the word expensive, but that really isn’t the case when it comes to bespoke garden room design. Yes, you are going to pay more than you would for a similar sized modular design, but not much more and you will be getting a room tailored to your garden and tastes. You can find a list of bespoke garden room designers who work in your area here.

One of the quickest ways to extend your home

Buying a garden room is one of, if not the quickest way to extend your home. Lead times from initial order through to construction starting on site are typically 4 to 8 weeks (this could be longer if you need to apply for Planning Permission). Once onsite the process is so efficient that a small garden room can be fully built in just a day. Typical onsite build times for larger more complex designs are 5 to 10 days.

Because the work takes place away from the main house, there is very little disruption for you during the build and because of the way garden rooms are built there is little lasting impact on your garden.

A long term investment

Buying a garden room today, you are investing in a building that will last for decades. The materials used to build a garden room are the same as those that have been used in the housebuilding and commercial building sectors for years. These materials are chosen for their long maintenance free life spans.

A quality garden room can lso add value and appeal to your house as they offer valuable, flexible extra living space that you might use as a home office, but a new owner might use as a home gym or cinema room.

So, as you can see a garden room is so much more than a psoh shed. Expole this site for ideas to implememnt into your own building and find a supplier to work with to design your new garden space.

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